Aug 19, 2018

Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan & Blake Jenner in American Animals (2018)

American Animals tells the true story of a quartet of young men who plan and attempt a notorious heist, turning their lives upside down. College student Spencer (played by Barry Keoghan) crosses paths with heist mastermind Warren (played by Evan Peters) and plans are soon set in motion. Both Evan & Barry get shirtless scenes in the film. Evan shows some near-nudity as he is interrupted while in the bathtub. Their co-star Blake Jenner, who plays another member of the group Chas, is also shirtless.

Soapy Sunday: Rob Wilson on Days of Our Lives (2018)

It's been two months since Rob Wilson got out of his shirt on Days of Our Lives, making his skin scenes this week even more special. He appeared in a towel during the August 16th episode as his character, Ben, surprised his new roommate Tripp by emerging from the bathroom with his chest on display. Ciara informed her love interest Tripp that she's invited Ben to stay there to help him get back on his feet. Tripp was instantly against the idea but was out-voted by his two female roommates, leaving a happy Ben with a new home. Rob was shirtless for half of the episode.

Soapy Sunday: Scott Clifton on The Bold & the Beautiful (2018)

Scott Clifton is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. He ditched his shirt this week on The Bold & the Beautiful. The August 15th episode found his character, Liam, getting romantic with his pregnant girlfriend Hope. The two made love once again, leading their clothes to come off for a love scene and for the post-sex scene on the floor. Liam's complicated love life will hopefully continue to fuel more shirtless scenes in the future.

Soapy Sunday: Christopher Sean on Days of Our Lives (2018)

The lives of Days of Our Lives trio of gays got some spotlight this week. Paul (played by Christopher Sean) began the August 13th episode, emerging from the bathroom in a towel to find his boyfriend Will (played by Chandler Massey) awkwardly ending a phone conversation with his ex, Sonny (played by Freddie Smith). Will attempted to distract Paul with some romance, leading his towel to come off. After Will's hasty departure, Paul gave-in to his suspicions about Will's behavior, leading him to Sonny, who confessed about the death of the trouble-making Leo which he & Will covered up. The August 15th episode saw Will walking in on the two, apologizing to Paul for keeping him out of the loop. Paul vowed to help the two get past their blackmailer and he & Will made amends with a few kisses, which made Sonny uncomfortable, as he remains unable to ignore his feelings for his former husband, Will.

Soapy Sunday: Michael Mealor on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Michael Mealor racked up some more shirtless screen time on The Young & the Restless this week. He began the August 17th episode without his shirt as he prepared to wax his prized car. He ran into his aunt Ashley who was curious about why he was half-naked in the living room. He told her about putting the car on the line in a bet, while lying about the fact that he was betting his ex, Summer, on whether she could get her mother's boyfriend Billy into bed. Unfortunately, he was only shirtless for two scenes.

Soapy Sunday: Gilles Marini on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Gilles Marini's villainous turn on Days of Our Lives continued this week, along with his character Ted's romance with Kate. The two spent most of the August 13th episode in bed, as Kate experienced a telling dream encounter with her dead husband Andre. While she embraced Ted in the end, the arrival of her grandson Will looking for money to pay off his blackmailer put a stop to the romance, especially when a shocked Will saw Ted come out of the bathroom. He remained shirtless at the start of the August 14th episode, covering up before Will revealed to Kate that Ted was the one blackmailing him, putting an end to their relationship.

Soapy Sunday: Darin Brooks on The Bold & the Beautiful (2018)

The Bold & the Beautiful got Darin Brooks out of his shirt again this week. The August 13th episode found his character, Wyatt, bonding with his new lady love Sally at the beach cafe just in time for the arrival of his ex-fiancée Katie and her new beau Thorne. Despite the early awkwardness, the two couples decided to hang out for a bit before Wyatt & Sally returned to Wyatt's place to get romantic on the couch. Darin showed off his chest for all of his scenes.

Aug 17, 2018

Kristian Kordula, Brent Antonello, Jared Ward & McKinley Freeman on Hit the Floor (2018)

This week's new episode of Hit the Floor saw a heat wave gripping Los Angeles and the show's characters in the basketball arena without working air conditioning, leading to some steamy situations. Team owner Jude (played by Brent Antonello) took things into his own hands given the repair delay. He looked to fix the problem himself, with his love interest Noah (played by Kristian Kordula) along for the view. While in the bowels of the arena, their clothes came off for some impromptu sex. The aftermath of that sex led to some side nudity from the actors. The episode saw the return of Beau (played by Jared Ward), looking to get back into cheerleader Kyle's heart. She found herself unable to resist as he worked on his car out in the heat shirtless. They got steamy, leading to additional skin scenes for him. Leading man McKinley Freeman also stripped down, retreating to an ice bath to escape the heat. He was soon joined by opportunistic cheerleader Jamie, leading them to get steamy as well.

Wai Eddy Goh on The Proposal (2018)

Episode 8 of the ABC reality series The Proposal once again featured a group of male suitors competing for the affections of a mystery woman. The episode's highlight came in the form of Las Vegas acrobat Wai Eddy Goh, who appeared in the swimsuit segment wearing only bikini briefs. He got even more of the crowd's attention by showing off his acrobatic skills, which included handstand splits on a chair. While he was an instant crowd favorite, he was sadly eliminated during this round.

Aug 15, 2018

Chris D'Elia, Benji Aflalo, Vincent Rodriguez III & Joshua Chang on Alone Together (2018)

Episode 5 of the Freeform comedy Alone Together's second season featured leading man Benji Aflalo stripped down alongside his on-screen brother Chris D'Elia. The episode found the brothers in a rivalry with another pair of brothers at the gym, after Benji intruded on their sauna time, leading to some bullying which his brother decided to rescue him from. Guest stars Vincent Rodriguez III and Joshua Chang played their foes for the episode. All four men are clad in towels for their final confrontation.

Ben Robson, Jake Weary & Spencer Treat Clark on Animal Kingdom (2018)

Episode 12 of Animal Kingdom's third season continued to increase the drama as it heads towards next week's season finale. This week's episode featured some shirtless screen time for cast members Ben Robson and Jake Weary. Ben's character, Craig, woke up to his mother making breakfast, which he enjoyed while topless. He was shirtless again later for a scene at the beach. Jake's character, Deran, continued his relationship with Adrian (played by Spencer Treat Clark). The shirtless duo had some breakfast of their own.

Aug 13, 2018

Chris Messina & Taylor John Smith on Sharp Objects (2018)

Episode 6 of the HBO drama Sharp Objects picked up where last week's episode left off. Chris Messina began the episode naked as his character, Richard, woke up in bed after spending the night with leading lady Camille. He showed rear nudity for the bed scene as Camille made a quick exit, leaving him behind. The episode also featured the first skin scene for cast member Taylor John Smith. While he didn't get naked, he did get out of his shirt for the first time on the series. His character, John, walked around in swim trunks for one scene, though he never hit the pool.

Y'lan Noel & Sarunas Jackson on Insecure (2018)

The HBO comedy Insecure is back for its third season. While the show returned without its reigning stud Jay Ellis, that didn't mean the premiere was without male skin. Cast member Y'lan Noel got naked for a sex scene to start the premiere as it was revealed that his character, Daniel, was not sleeping with leading lady Issa. She was forced to listen to her new roommate, and former bed buddy, having sex with another woman. Recurring actor Sarunas Jackson was shirtless during the episode as his character continued his sexual relationship with Issa's best friend Molly.

Joseph Sikora, Brandon Victor Dixon & Omari Hardwick on Power (2018)

This week's new episode of the STARZ crime drama Power featured some romance for a trio of the show's male cast. Joseph Sikora ditched his shirt as his character got steamy. Unfortunately, the scene ended before any more of his clothes came off. His co-star Brandon Victor Dixon, however, did get naked for his character's sex scene early in the same episode. He showed brief rear nudity for the scene. His sex scene is inter-cut with one for series star Omari Hardwick. Sadly, he only shows a brief flash of his chest as the camera instead focuses on his female co-star.

Aug 12, 2018

Cort King on Hit the Floor (2018)

Episode 5 of Hit the Floor's fourth season once again spotlighted the hot body of new cast member Cort King. He was shirtless for his character Pax's workout early in the episode. Pax was interrupted by his helpful mentor Kyle, who informs him of the hot water his career is in because of his money-making sexcapades. Meanwhile, there was some movement for the gays, as team owner Jude (played by Brent Antonello) had a change of heart and decided to take the plunge back into romance with sideline reporter Noah (played by Kristian Kordula). After crossing paths at an awards show, the two shared a steamy kiss out in the rain.

Soapy Sunday: Lucas Adams on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Lucas Adams racked up some major shirtless screen time this week on Days of Our Lives. His character, Tripp, spent time shirtless in three separate episodes. The August 7th episode started with his roommate, and love interest, Ciara having a nightmare. Tripp came to her aide while topless, attempting to calm her down. He spent the entire episode doing so and was rewarded with a kiss. The duo began the August 8th episode where they left off, headed to the bedroom until they were interrupted by the arrival of Ciara's other potential love interest Ben (played by Rob Wilson). This led to a confrontation between the guys, leaving no time for Tripp to grab a shirt. He spent that entire hour shirtless as well. He began the August 9th episode still without a shirt, though that changed after a couple scenes when Ciara admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Ben, putting the breaks on romance with Tripp.

Soapy Sunday: Donnell Turner on General Hospital (2018)

It's been five months since Donnell Turner got a chance to show off his chest on General Hospital. That travesty was rectified this week, as his character Curtis hit the sheets with his lady love Jordan during the August 9th episode. He was shirtless for two scenes of the episode. Unfortunately, the couple's bliss was soon interrupted when Jordan discovered a message for Curtis on his phone from another woman.

Soapy Sunday: Cheyne Hannegan & Keith Carlos on The Bold & the Beautiful (2018)

The Bold & the Beautiful got down to business during the August 7th episode. Since the daytime drama centers on the fashion world, that meant showing off some new designs. The Forresters staged a mini fashion show that included real-life models Cheyne Hannegan and America's Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos. Both Cheyne & Keith were dressed for bed, given the nighttime line of clothes and both were shirtless for the modeling sequence.

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

Matt Cohen is back for Soapy Sunday again this week. General Hospital seemed to remember Matt's hunkiness after last week's shirtless scenes, leading to another one this week. His character, Griffin, was topless at the start of the August 8th episode. His girlfriend Ava welcomed her daughter Kiki, who was stressing over her sexual harassment lawsuit as Griffin entered shirtless, creating some awkwardness given Kiki & Griffin's secret romp back in May.

Aug 11, 2018

Sam Retford on Ackley Bridge (2018)

Episode 10 of the UK series Ackley Bridge's second season focused on Naveed (played by Gurjeet Singh) and his coming out story. After his mother discovers he's gay, he leans on his best friend Cory (played by Sam Retford), who takes him in and supports him, despite his fears for what it means for his family. The two spend the night together. Sam is shirtless for one scene, as the two chat in his bed. Ultimately, Naveed realizes that the night they spent together doesn't mean Cory is in love with him, though it does give him the courage to come out publicly.

Happy Birthday, Chris Hemsworth!

Chris Hemsworth celebrates his 35th birthday today. With him spending much of his feature film time as Thor in the last few years, it makes sense to spotlight his role as God of Thunder. His last birthday post on the blog featured his shirtless scenes from Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Chris was without his shirt once again for the third film in his solo franchise, Thor: Ragnarok. After being deposited on an alien planet and forced to fight his Avengers comrade The Hulk, Thor's battle wounds were tended to, requiring him to be topless, of course.

Happy Birthday, Chris Messina!

Chris Messina celebrates his 44th birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Chris has never been shy about showing off his body, as evidenced by his roles in previously-featured films like 28 Hotel Rooms and Digging for Fire. He also recently got naked for his starring role on the HBO drama Sharp Objects. In honor of his birthday, the blog provides a small treat from his recent film, Blame, where Chris played a high school teacher who becomes the catalyst for two female students on a dramatic collision course. Chris got a brief shirtless scene during the film.

Binge Skin: Lodge 49 - Season 1

AMC recently released the full first season of their new series Lodge 49. The comedic drama centers on sibling slackers Dud (played by Wyatt Russell) and Liz, struggling with the recent death of their father which leads Dud to be embraced by the quirky members of Lodge 49, an aging fraternal order where his father was a member. Wyatt shows off his chest in multiple episodes. His co-star David Pasquesi gets a lengthy shirtless scene as his character is seduced by a handsome imposter (played by Tyson Ritter) looking to unlock the lodge's secrets for his own gain. There's some rear nudity in Episode 5 from the body double for recurring actor Kenneth Welsh, who surprises the order by arriving naked. Recurring actors Michael Lee Kimel & Hayden Szeto also got shirtless scenes. Cast member Brent Jennings and guest star Bruce Campbell also ditch their shirts for a pool scene with Wyatt. 

Aug 10, 2018

Reuben Milner & Jonathan James on Shortland Street (2018)

Shortland Street's gay storyline has been heating up. Medical student Jack (played by Reuben Milner) befriended the new surgeon Lincoln (played by Alex Tarrant), who vented about his relationship problems to Jack while naked in the locker room. Jack pushed aside his attraction to Lincoln, instead embarking on a random hookup with Connor (played by Jonathan James), who turned out to be Lincoln's cheating partner. This week, Connor looked to get back into Jack's pants, revealing his relationship with Lincoln was now an open one. Despite getting Linc's blessing in the August 7th episode, Jack put the brakes on after their shirts came off. Linc soon arrived to stop the two from sleeping together, leading Connor to break-up with him. Despite the drama, Jack & Linc agreed to continue their friendship.


Aug 8, 2018

Bill Skarsgård on Castle Rock (2018)

Bill Skarsgård got a brief rear nude scene in this week's new episode of the Hulu series Castle Rock. Unlike his partial nude scene in Episode 1, Bill's butt was on full display in Episode 5. In a big of a random scene, his mysterious character walks into the room naked to find he has a visitor in Jackie. This leads the characters to bond a bit in the following scene.

Finn Cole & Jake Weary on Animal Kingdom (2018)

Episode 11 of Animal Kingdom's third season aired this week. The episode was filled with tension and drama, but also managed to work in some skin scenes for cast members Finn Cole & Jake Weary. Finn's character, J, began the episode getting squeaky clean. His shower, however, is interrupted by his grandmother Smurf, who creepily enjoys the view to pull him away for the week's plot. Unfortunately, viewers weren't treated to the same view, as he's filmed from the torso up. Jake Weary is shirtless for his first scene as well. His character, Deran, grabs a quick bite to eat with his frequent bed buddy Adrian, before Adrian's departure for a surfing competition out of the country.

Aug 7, 2018

Mike Mizanin on Miz & Mrs. (2018)

The reality series Miz & Mrs. chronicles the lives of WWE Superstars Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and his wife Maryse as they embark on starting a new family. Episode 2 of the series saw the couple planning their grand baby shower and after sharing some candid nude photos with Maryse's mother, they are shocked to be presented with a large framed copy, unveiled in front of their friends and family. Several shots of Miz's butt were on display early in the episode as the trio discussed the photo. The series sees a return to reality television for Mizanin, who got his start on television on MTV's Real World.

Sam Retford on Ackley Bridge (2018)

The UK series Ackley Bridge stars Sam Retford as womanizing high school student Cory Wilson. He got a bed scene early in the ninth episode of the current second season. He was shirtless waking up in bed with a female friend. Realizing the time, he exits in his underwear so that he can head off to school, showing off his body in boxer briefs.

Aug 6, 2018

Bill Skarsgård on Castle Rock (2018)

The new Hulu fantasy horror series Castle Rock intertwines stories from within Stephen King's universe of fiction, as most of those stories took place in the town of Castle Rock. The first episode of the series introduces Bill Skarsgård's character, a mysterious and unnamed prisoner who is discovered in the bowels of the Castle Rock prison. He is taken to shower by prison guard Dennis (played by Noel Fisher). Bill shows some partial rear nudity for the scene.

Chris Messina on Sharp Objects (2018)

The HBO series Sharp Objects centers on Camille Preaker, a troubled reporter who returns to her hometown to write about a violent murder, triggering psychological demons from her past. Camille connects with Richard, a police detective played by Chris Messina. The two got a sex scene at the end of the fifth episode. Chris' clothes come off for the scene, allowing him to show off his body in a dimly-lit nude scene. Chris is no stranger to getting naked on film as seen in his previous films 28 Hotel Rooms and Digging for Fire.

Damson Idris on Snowfall (2018)

Episode 3 of Snowfall's second season aired this week. Leading man Damson Idris got another shirtless scene. His character, Franklin, gets steamy with his love interest Melody, leading to his shirt coming off. Unfortunately, the two are interrupted rather quickly, before anymore clothes can come off. He is forced to put his shirt back on to answer the door.

Aug 5, 2018

Blake Jenner, Grant Harvey & Nathaniel Stroud in Billy Boy (2017)

Billy Boy centers on Billy (played by the film's writer Blake Jenner), a poor youth who spends his time committing crimes with his friends, including Mikey (played by Grant Harvey) and Josh (played by Nathaniel Stroud). When Josh ends up dead, things take a turn for Billy, putting him on a collision course with the increasingly unhinged Mikey. Blake & Grant show lots of skin during the film, including rear and frontal nudity. Nathaniel gets a shirtless scene late in the film, via flashback. The film was a bit of a Glee reunion, as it stars cast members Jenner & Melissa Benoist and was directed by Glee executive producer Bradley Buecker.

Owen Teague & Jake Sim in Every Day (2018)

Every Day is a teen fantasy drama centered on Rhiannon, a high school student who falls in love with a mysterious soul known as A, that is forced to transfer into a new body every day. The connection between the two is so strong that they seek each other out each day, not knowing who A will inhabit next. The movie featured a couple of shirtless moments for actors Owen Teague (Black Mirror) and Jake Sim, whose characters both become hosts for A.

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

After a two-month drought, Matt Cohen finally got out of his shirt again on General Hospital this week. Matt's character, Griffin, went for a shirtless run during the August 2nd episode, running into his girlfriend Ava, who opened up to him about her involvement in the schemes of the crazed Nelle, whose crimes finally caught up to her. Nelle was also a major player in this week's story involving husbands Brad (played by Parry Shen) and Lucas (played by Ryan Carnes). Brad finally got the couple's adopted newborn son home only for the boy to die. Brad then crossed paths with his friend Nelle, as she evaded authorities with her newborn son. Nelle gave Brad her son to keep him from being taken by the Corinthos family. A conflicted Brad agreed, presenting Lucas with a baby that is actually his own great-nephew. Lucas gushed over the baby throughout the week, as Brad wondered how long their happy home would remain that way.

Soapy Sunday: Scott Clifton & Darin Brooks on The Bold & the Beautiful (2018)

The August 2nd episode of The Bold & the Beautiful featured some brotherly bonding between Liam (played by Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (played by Darin Brooks). The two returned to Wyatt's place after some surfing, clad only in their swim trunks. The shirtless duo proceeded to discuss Liam's drama revolving around his relationship struggles between his pregnant girlfriend Hope and his ex-wife Steffy who recently delivered a child fathered by Liam's father while the couple was together. Wyatt provided an understanding ear for his brother, as they both showed off their chests for the majority of the episode.

Soapy Sunday: Joshua Morrow on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Joshua Morrow can't seem to keep his shirt on these days on The Young & the Restless. He got shirtless for the third week in a row on the daytime drama. His character, Nick, lounged around the house during the July 30th episode without his shirt, as he discussed Hilary's death with Sharon, though Sharon was more interested in discussing the fist fight he had with Billy, leading to his black eye.

Soapy Sunday: Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Chandler Massey ditched his shirt once again on Days of Our Lives. His character, Will, began the August 3rd episode in bed texting with his ex-husband Sonny, as they continued to stress over the mysterious notes addressed to them, threatening to expose their roles in Leo's disappearance. A shirtless Will quickly put away his phone upon the arrival of his boyfriend Paul (played by Christopher Sean) with breakfast. The two chatted, with Will again covering for his distance and continued interactions with Sonny, as not to involve Paul in their accidental murder cover-up.

Soapy Sunday: Michael Mealor on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Michael Mealor is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight. After a couple weeks of being overdressed, The Young & the Restless hunk got out of his shirt for a love scene during the July 31st episode. His character Kyle fell into the seductive trap of his ex-girlfriend Summer who was looking to discover what secret her mother was keeping with Kyle. She turned on the charm and things got steamy between the duo, until Kyle slipped up, telling her the big secret that her mother slept with someone who was not her boyfriend, Billy. Summer put the breaks on, immediately, leaving Kyle shirtless and alone on the couch given her real interest in Billy.

Soapy Sunday: Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Eric Martsolf got some shirtless screentime in two episodes this week on Days of Our Lives. His character, Brady, continued to romance Eve, unaware of her secret scheming behind his back. The two hit the sheets during the August 1st episode, leading to a post-sex bed scene with Brady's chest on display. He was shirtless again at the start of the August 3rd episode, as Brady woke up in bed to find Eve gone. He called her from bed, as she lied about her whereabouts, not telling him she was meeting with his grandfather to discuss their trouble-making partnership.

Aug 3, 2018

Nat Wolff & Johnny Knoxville in Rosy (2018)

The drama Rosy centers on the title character, an aspiring actress who is abducted by the socially awkward Doug (played by Nat Wolff), who harbors hope that her captivity will lead to them falling in love. The film leads to Nat's most revealing performance ever, as he gets a rear nude scene, in addition to a couple of shirtless moments. Johnny Knoxville also stars in the film. His character James also gets a sex scene. He loses his shirt and also shows some side nudity for the brief scene.

Aug 2, 2018

Tommy Dewey & Nyasha Hatendi on Casual (2018)

Hulu released the final season of Casual, the comedy chronicling the relationship between a single brother & sister, supporting each other as they navigate the dating scene. While the series was never shy about showing male skin, the fourth season featured very little. Leading man Tommy Dewey got two shirtless scenes, in Episodes 1 and 5. Episode 5 also featured his co-star Nyasha Hatendi shirtless as the duo hit the hot tub.

Aug 1, 2018

Kristian Kordula, Cort King & McKinley Freeman on Hit the Floor (2018)

Season 4 of Hit the Floor continued this week. Episode 4 of the BET basketball drama's new season featured more shirtless screentime for the show's men. Kristian Kordula got out of his shirt for an extended jogging scene as his character, Noah, continued to bond with cheerleader Jamie. The new roommates discussed her cheer drama and Noah's lack of knowledge about his bed buddy Jude (played by Brent Antonello). Journalist Noah took the opportunity to do a piece on Jude, but his digging opened old wounds that led Jude to break-off their relationship. Meanwhile, Cort King & McKinley Freeman both ditched their shirts as well for exercise. Cort's character Pax got two workout scenes. McKinley's character, Derek, joined him for the second. He lost his shirt again later for a love scene. His pants also came off for that scene, leading to some brief partial nudity.

Ben Lambert on Harlots (2018)

Episode 5 of the second season of Harlots got recurring actor Ben Lambert out of his shirt. Ben got his first shirtless scene on the series where he plays Lord Fallon, the current benefactor for young harlot Lucy Wells. The two got two bed scenes during this week's episode and Ben was shirtless for both. Unfortunately, he stopped short of showing any nudity.

Jul 30, 2018

Jack Kesy, Harold Perrineau, Evan Daigle, Ryan Dinning & Paul Mann on Claws (2018)

This week's new episode of the TNT drama Claws featured more male skin. Leading man Jack Kesy spends the entire episode in his preferred wardrobe, an open shirt, showing off his chest for the entirety of his appearance. His co-star Harold Perrineau continues his character's stripping job, leading to a scene in a loin cloth, alongside recurring actor Ryan Dinning. Evan Daigle continued his recurring role and his character's choice of clothing this week led to his butt being on display for a few scenes as he was clad in just a thong. Recurring actor Paul Mann is back in his own skimpy undies this week, despite his character's death in the previous episode. His body is found this week, just where things left off.

Alan Powell on Quantico (2018)

As Quantico marches toward its series finale, Episode 12 of the third season worked in a quick shirtless scene for cast member Alan Powell. After his character is taken captive and injured, he is moved to a hospital under guard. His team infiltrates the hospital to free him. His hospital gown is ripped open to expose his chest as they enact their ruse that he is flat-lining. He happily goes along with the plan, which leads to their escape.

Jul 29, 2018

Harris Dickinson, Leonardo Salerni & Leemore Marrett Jr. in Postcards from London (2018)

Postcards from London centers on Jim (played by Harris Dickinson), a young man prone to fainting spells, who enters a special type of escort work, joining a group of young intellectuals who provide creative stimulation to their male clients in a highly-stylized version of London. Harris is no stranger to the blog and shows off his great body once again for several scenes of this film. His co-stars Leonardo Salerni & Jonah Hauer-King, who play two of his fellow escorts, are also shirtless briefly. There's also very brief rear nudity from Leemore Marrett Jr. during one of Jim's visions.

Soapy Sunday: Chandler Massey & Christopher Sean on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Chandler Massey & Christopher Sean are back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight. The duo got out of their shirts for the start of the July 26th episode of Days of Our Lives. Their characters, Will & Paul, woke up in bed together with Paul worried about Will's restless night. Unable to tell him about his cover-up of Leo's death with Sonny, Will lied that he was stressing over an article he was writing. The arrival of another mysterious note, taunting about his secret with Sonny, caused him to try his best to get rid of Paul so he could discuss it with Sonny.

Soapy Sunday: Joshua Morrow on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Joshua Morrow's latest shirtless scene on The Young & the Restless picked up right where his last one left off. His character, Nick, woke up in bed with his ex-wife Phyllis during the July 23rd episode. He remained in just his underwear as the two discussed their tryst and how to deal with it, given that both of them are in relationships with other people. Later, Nick hit the shower and emerged wearing just a towel to retrieve his clothes. He spent the majority of the episode showing off his chest.

Soapy Sunday: Gilles Marini on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Gilles Marini got more shirtless screen time on Days of Our Lives this week. His lawyer character, Ted, has gotten more involved in the lives of Salem residents, especially Kate. The two continued their secret sexual relationship. They hit the sheets during the July 25th episode. Gilles was shirtless for their bed scene at the end of the episode, which revealed him as the culprit behind the mysterious notes received by Kate's grandson Will, taunting him over the disappearance of Leo. Gilles was shirtless again in the July 26th episode for another bed scene, after he returned from delivering another note to Will, despite Kate's warning that she would punish anyone who tried to hurt her grandson. Kate was not happy to learn that Ted has taken on Will's "killer" Ben as a client.

Jul 28, 2018

Damson Idris, Matthew Mays & Amin Joseph on Snowfall (2018)

The FX Network drug-themed drama Snowfall is back for its second season. Leading man Damson Idris got his first rear nude scene on the series for the premiere. His character, Franklyn, continued his rising involvement in the drug trade while also taking some time out for sex. He stripped down briefly for a sex scene, which was quickly interrupted by shenanigans happening in the next room. Recurring actor Matthew Mays showed some partial nudity for that sequence as his character gets chased out of bed while naked. Amin Joseph doesn't get naked for the episode, but does show off his chest in an open robe.

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