Oct 20, 2018

GayTV Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 4x2)

The CW musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recently began it's fourth and final season. Episode 2 of the season aired this week and the show's bisexual character Darryl (played by Pete Gardner) played a prominent role, as he coped with life as a single father.

Darryl's attempts to be a perfect dad led him to join a group of moms at the park, where he quickly felt inadequate upon seeing and hearing all of their shared knowledge of the right teethers, blankets, and the benefits of breast milk. This led the often-paranoid Darryl to focus on finding breast milk for his baby girl.

When her baby monitor malfunctioned, he called upon his ex-boyfriend, Josh (played by David Hull) to help fix it, despite their breakup over Darryl's decision to have a baby. Josh wondered why he was becoming so obsessed with his search for breast milk, leading Darryl to share his insecurity and tell him how important it is to get what's right for his daughter.

Finding a contact outside the city to get the milk he needed, Darryl convinced the baby-averse Josh to babysit so he could make the milk run. Josh reluctantly agreed, having no plans for Halloween, given his hatred of the holiday's celebration of terrible costumes and sugar-filled candy.

While Darryl made his milk run, Josh's hopes that the girl would sleep the entire time were dashed with the arrival of his friend (the other) Josh, who wanted to drop off a gift for the baby, a Halloween costume. Seeing the other Josh play with the costumed girl seemed to warm Josh a bit to the baby, leading him to check on a late Darryl.

Darryl returned, freaking Josh out with the large amount of milk he secured. Darryl panicked when Josh revealed the power was out due to a city-wide outage. He worried that the milk would spoil and Josh tried to calm him, urging him to give up his paranoia about being a single parent. The arrival of Darryl's ex-wife and his older daughter also helped him calm down, just as power was restored. They reminded him of how good of a father he has been and will continue to be.

Horror Hunks: Jerry O'Connell, Cody Longo, Steven R. McQueen & naked extras in Piranha 3D (2010)

Piranha 3D was a remake of the 70s creature feature and found an army of the prehistoric man-eating fish unleashed on a busy Spring Break on the water. Given the setting, it's no surprise that there were multiple opportunities for male cast members to ditch their shirts. Jerry O'Connell appears in a red speedo in his role as a wild videographer, looking to capture footage of nude women for his website. Cody Longo is shirtless for his character's final scene as he attempts to escape the water after the piranha's attack. Steven R. McQueen is also briefly shirtless, as he tosses his shirt aside in an attempt to search for his crush after she goes missing from the water. There's also some male nudity early in the film, as Steven's character comes upon a trio of guys mooning people, with a message on their butts.

Happy Birthday, John Krasinski!

John Krasinski celebrates his 39th birthday today, making him the man of the moment. John has been stealing hearts with his on-screen roles since The Office. These days, he's been taking more serious parts as a leading man in projects like A Quiet Place and the recent series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. John not only took on drama, but also took off his shirt for his starring role in 13 Hours. In honor of his big day, the blog looks at his skin scenes from the military film.

Matthew Noszka, Lance Gross, Chad Michael Murray & Luke James on Star (2018)

Episode 3 of the third season of the FOX music drama Star featured more male skin. Recently promoted to fulltime cast member on the series, Matthew Noszka got his first shirtless scene of the season as Jackson, Star's boyfriend and baby daddy. The aspiring musician showed off his dance moves for a private show for Star, where he ripped off his tanktop, revealing his great chest. His co-star Lance Gross was also shirtless for the episode, as he conversed while getting dressed. Guest star Chad Michael Murray was also shirtless for a love scene early in the episode. Cast member Luke James showed off his chest in open tops in multiple scenes.

Oct 19, 2018

Horror Hunks: Will Mellor in The Reeds (2010)

The UK horror film The Reeds centers on a group of friends who take a boat trip. When they sail through some mysterious reeds, their party turns into a nightmare as they encounter terror within the reeds. Will Mellor gets naked for his role as Chris. He shows rear nudity with some flashes of a frontal as he jumps off the boat to go skinny-dipping. In traditional horror fashion, Chris is also the first character to die, which usually happens if you get naked in a horror film.

Oct 18, 2018

Eli Goree & K.J. Apa on Riverdale (2018)

Episode 2 of Riverdale's new season once again got leading man K.J. Apa shirtless. His character, Archie, began the episode arriving at juvenile detention, where he was prompted to strip while outdoors, so that he could be searched and hosed off. Archie also met his cellmate Mad Dog (played by Eli Goree, previously seen on Dead of Summer), who appeared shirtless for his intro scene. Eli was shirtless again later in the yard where Archie attempted to rally his fellow inmates to be more positive. Meanwhile, back at Riverdale High, Kevin (played by Casey Cott) looked to be more public in his romance with Moose (played by Cody Kearsley) only to be rebuffed as Moose revealed his father's new role in the school's ROTC program, taking PDA off the table. Not wanting to give up on things, Kevin ended the episode joining the program, surprising Moose.

Happy Birthday, Tyler Posey!

Tyler Posey celebrates his 27th birthday today. Tyler is best known for his starring role on the long-running MTV sci-fi series Teen Wolf. Tyler also starred in the films White Frog, Yoga Hosers, Maid in Manhattan and the recent horror film from Blumhouse, Truth or Dare. In honor of his big day, we take a look at Tyler in his literal birthday suit as he showed rear nudity for the web series Sideswiped, playing a gym rat who goes on a date with the series' leading lady. It ends in sex, providing ample skin from Tyler.

Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling, Cody Christian & Hunter Clowdus on All American (2018)

Episode 2 of the new CW series All American opened with a beach scene which got cast members Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling & Cody Christian shirtless again this week, along with recurring actor Hunter Clowdus. The football players enjoyed some relaxing time playing ball on the beach topless. Daniel is shirtless again for an interrupted shower and also appears in an open shirt for a later scene. Here's hoping the series keeps up the skin as it continues.

Horror Hunks: James Landry Hébert in Ghost House (2017)

Ghost House revolves around Julie and Jim (played by James Landry Hébert), a young couple looking to have a memorable vacation in Thailand when their actions inside a Ghost House lead to Julie becoming haunted by a malevolent spirit. James gets out of his shirt for a love scene. Unfortunately, he doesn't show any nudity for the sex scene while his female co-star Scout Taylor Compton does.

Happy Birthday, Zac Efron!

It's that time of year again to celebrate the holiday of Efron! Zac Efron turns 31 today and his gorgeousness is no stranger to the blog. He's been previously featured for showing skin in Dirty Grandpa, That Awkward Moment, The Paperboy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, We Are Your Friends, Neighbors, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and Running Wild with Bear Grylls. In honor of his big day, the blog adds his shirtless scenes from 2017's Baywatch. Zac starred in the film reboot and showed off his muscles in multiple scenes. Happy Birthday, Zac!

Oct 17, 2018

Horror Hunks: Josh Ethier & Michael Locicero in Almost Human (2013)

Almost Human centers on Seth, a man who witnesses the disappearance of his friend Mark (played by Josh Ethier) in a flash of light on one fateful night. Two years later, Mark reappears behaving strangely. He begins a violent string of murders, leaving Seth to try to thwart the evil that now resides within his friend. Josh showed rear nudity for his character's post-abduction return as he's found naked in the woods by two hunters. There's also rear nudity from Michael Locicero, who plays one of Mark's victims. He is cocooned after seemingly being shot to death and emerges possessed and naked to attack Seth during the film's climax.

Happy Birthday, Chris Lowell!

Chris Lowell celebrates his 34th birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Chris is known for his roles on television series like Veronica Mars, Life as We Know It, Private Practice and the current Netflix hit GLOW. He also appeared in the Oscar-winning film The Help, in addition to stepping behind the camera to write and direct Beside Still Waters. Chris also showed off his great body with rear nudity on his short-lived cable series Graves and the web series Play it Again, Dick. In honor of his birthday, we look back at his role in the film Graduation. Chris appeared in his underwear for his role as a high schooler who orchestrates a bank robbery during the big ceremony in order to help the sick relative of a friend.

Oct 16, 2018

GayTV Recap: Station 19 (Episode 2x2)

The GayTV Recap will feature posts recapping the gay happenings on selected television series for episodes that don't feature any male skin. The first recap comes from the latest episode of the ABC firefighter drama Station 19. One of the show's main characters, gay fireman Travis Montgomery (played by Jay Hayden) was left at death's door in the Season 1 finale. The first episode of the new season found his life saved by heart surgery at Grey-Sloan Memorial, the home of sister show Grey's Anatomy.

Episode 2 of the new season picked up six weeks later with Travis' boyfriend Grant (played by Sterling Sulieman) trying to convince him to ask his boss for more recovery time before going back to work. Travis, however, didn't want to make a poor impression on his new captain by staying on the sidelines, though he ultimately agreed to take more time off.

Travis headed to the fire station, only to be interrupted by an emergency call before he could speak to Captain Sullivan. He watched his comrades head off to mount a rescue for a boy trapped in the sewers. Before long, he found himself providing support from the station and ignoring Grant's calls checking up on him.

Travis confided in his comrades, who had also been left out of the action, that he felt ready to get back to work. When Grant showed up to the station looking for him, he revealed that he never asked for more time off and that he wants to return to his job. This left Grant scared that Travis would get hurt again and that he would lose him.

Grant opened up to Travis about what it felt like waiting at the hospital to hear if Travis would survive while he was in surgery and how he didn't want to feel that again. Travis gave him a comforting kiss, but didn't make any promises as the two left the fire station together.

Stephen Amell & Cody Runnels on Arrow (2018)

The CW's superhero series Arrow returned this week for its seventh season, which saw leading man Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell) dealing with his prison sentence, after publicly revealing himself as Green Arrow. The episode opened with his prison exercise routine and shower, which both featured him shirtless. While in the shower room he crossed paths with old foe Derek Sampson (played by pro wrestler Cody Runnels). Cody was shirtless for that brief interaction. Later in the episode, Oliver was attacked in the showers and forced to fend off his gang of attackers while naked. Of course any nudity was strategically blocked for viewers of the network drama. While he wasn't shirtless, cast member Rick Gonzalez did get to show off his muscles in a tank top for one scene.

Horror Hunks: James Bloor in Leatherface (2017)

The latest film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Leatherface was a prequel that rebooted the franchise showing the origins of the infamous backwoods killer. After getting involved in the brutal murder of the sheriff's daughter, the young man is taken away from his family and ends up in a mental institution. As a teen, he makes his escape with three others and a kidnapped young nurse, setting him on the course to becoming the gruesome murderer known as Leatherface. James Bloor was shirtless during the film for his role as Ike, one of the other young escaped patients, who acts as a ringleader to the fleeing group until he is killed for going too far with Nurse Lizzy.

Oct 15, 2018

Cameron Monaghan, Steve Howey & naked extras on Shameless (2018)

Episode 6 of Shameless' current ninth season was the final one for cast member Cameron Monaghan. His character, Ian, was sentenced to two years of jail time and went out in style with a rear nude scene alongside a couple extras as he was processed in prison. It wasn't all somber though, as Ian still got a somewhat happy ending as he discovered his cellmate was his lost love Mickey (played by Noel Fisher), ending the episode with a reunion kiss. Steve Howey was shirtless in the episode as his character Kevin attempted to get steamy with his wife on the couch, only to be interrupted by trouble at their doorstep.

Horror Hunks: Nick Nordella & Brett Dier in Exeter (2015)

The supernatural horror film Exeter finds a group of teens partying at an abandoned asylum, where some playful fun with the occult turns to terror when they accidentally unleash an evil spirit that possesses one of their own. Trapped inside, they attempt to excise the spirit, only leading to more trouble and death. Nick Nordella & Brett Dier are among the teens. Nick spends the majority of his screentime in his underwear after a game of strip Russian roulette (via phone app) leaves him in his undies. Brett also removes his shirt for that scene though, unlike Nick, he puts on a tank top once the danger is revealed.

James Franco, Luke Kirby, Gbenga Akinnagbe & naked extras on The Deuce (2018)

This week's new episode of the HBO drama The Deuce featured more male skin. Leading man James Franco got shirtless scenes for both of his roles as twin brothers Frank and Vincent Martino. Frank was interrupted while napping on a porn set while Vincent was in a bed scene, dealing with his conflict with his girlfriend. New cast member Luke Kirby got his first shirtless scene as his character, Gene, a political family man was revealed to visit a male bathhouse, where he enjoyed the company of other men. Their co-star Gbenga Akinnagbe was shirtless briefly as his character, Larry, filmed a porn scene. There were also male extras showing rear and frontal nudity thanks to the porn filming, and the bathhouse sequence. The episode also featured some affection between Paul (played by Chris Coy) and his boyfriend Kenneth (played by Michael Stahl-David) as they opened their new upscale club.

Oct 14, 2018

Horror Hunks: David Wachs in Ryde (2017)

David Wachs starred in the horror thriller Ryde. He played Paul, a psychopath who steals the identity of a ride-sharing service driver. He uses the service to target his victims. David got naked for the role, as Paul stripped down, appearing to join his date for a candlelit bath early in the film. However, instead of joining her, he commits his first kill of the film, showing rear nudity for the aftermath. He gets several subsequent shirtless scenes as well as he changes his clothes and gets stripped down to his underwear by two women poolside, before ultimately turning on them.

Soapy Sunday: Paul Telfer on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Completing the trifecta of Days of Our Lives skin in Soapy Sunday this week is Paul Telfer. His character, Xander, returned to the daytime soap, as he was revealed to have blackmailed Nicole into marriage. He spent the first half of the October 10th episode shirtless as he teased Nicole over her reunion with Eric. He attempted to cozy up to Nicole while topless, but she rebuffed him several times.

Soapy Sunday: Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Eric Martsolf is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. Days of Our Lives got him out of his shirt in two episodes this week. Eric's character, Brady, seduced the crazed Kristen, taking her to bed in the October 9th episode. He attempted to gain her trust through sex, which seemed to work in his favor. The two remained in bed into the October 10th episode, which provided even better looks at Eric's chest, as he took a call from his father while shirtless.

Soapy Sunday: Greg Vaughan on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Days of Our Lives featured a rekindling of a past romance this week. Eric (played by Greg Vaughan) went looking for his former love Nicole and found her shacked up with bad boy Xander (played by Paul Telfer). After spending time alone, the love between Eric & Nicole came to the forefront and the two made love during the October 12th episode. Greg's shirt came off for the love scene and the scene that came after.

Oct 13, 2018

Cody Christian, Daniel Ezra, Hunter Clowdus & Michael Evans Behling on All American (2018)

The new CW high school drama All American centers on Spencer James (played by Daniel Ezra), a rising football star who moves out of his dangerous neighborhood and in with his new coach (played by Taye Diggs) to attend school in Beverly Hills, putting him into instant conflict with his new teammates. Cody Christian played Asher, Spencer's new rival, who plays the same position on the team and whose girlfriend takes an instant liking to Spencer. Michael Evans Behling plays the coach's son Jordan, who also finds himself in conflict with Spencer, given his father's focus on the newcomer. All three actors are shirtless in the premiere, thanks to a pool party. Hunter Clowdus is also shirtless for his small role as JJ, another football player who practices topless and appears in his underwear for a house party.

Horror Hunks: Daniel Black in Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012)

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter found killer crocodiles once again on the prowl. In this sequel, a traveling high school swim team inadvertently travels into the lake area which is actually a crocodile sanctuary, putting them instantly in a fight for survival. Daniel Black plays one of the swim team members, Drew. He ditches his shirt to take a ride on a jet ski, as the team hangs out on the beach. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter would not actually be the final chapter, as two more Lake Placid films were later produced. Unfortunately, Daniel's character doesn't survive this installment.

Robert Christopher Riley on Dynasty (2018)

The CW drama Dynasty returned for its second season and wasted no time getting cast member Robert Christopher Riley out of his shirt. He was clad in a towel for his first scene of the episode, which revealed his character, Michael Culhane, has rekindled his romance with leading lady Fallon, despite her need to continue her sham marriage to Liam (played by Adam Huber) for business purposes. Later, Michael took the opportunity to get her attention, while she continued her ruse, by removing his shirt in front of Liam and his tycoon uncle. Later, Fallon fantasized about a shower threesome with both men. Meanwhile, Fallon's brother Steven (played by James Mackay) struggled to tell his hubby Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente) about accidentally impregnating a woman, as Sam dealt with the trauma of his aunt Cristal's death. In the end, the truth came out and Sam agreed to support Steven, feeling a baby could give him new purpose. They sealed their decision with a kiss.

Oct 12, 2018

K.J. Apa, Cole Sprouse, Drew Ray Tanner & Charles Melton on Riverdale (2018)

Riverdale returned this week on The CW for its third season. The premiere found summer winding down for the characters, as the town supported Archie (played by K.J. Apa) in his murder trial. Determined to enjoy Labor Day weekend before the verdict, Archie took some time to relax leading his shirt to come off in several scenes throughout the hour. Cole Sprouse ditched his shirt for a swim as Jughead joined Archie and their girlfriends Betty & Veronica in the water. Newly-promoted cast member Charles Melton was shirtless for his only scene as his character, Reggie tossed a ball with Archie at a pool party. Recurring actor Drew Ray Tanner appeared in an open shirt for two scenes, showing off his great chest for the first time on the series. The episode also featured a bit of movement between gay characters Kevin (played by Casey Cott) and Moose (played by Cody Kearsley) as it was revealed that they spent the summer together and Kevin hopes to lose his virginity as soon as possible.

Horror Hunks: Richard Kohnke, Michael Welch & Ashlee Brian in The Demented (2013)

The Demented follows six college friends who hang-out on a weekend getaway just as the local residents are turned into rage-fueled zombies, leaving them in a fight for survival. The three male leads Richard Kohnke, Ashlee Brian and veteran horror hunk Michael Welch (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Hansel & Gretel Get Baked) all appeared shirtless as the guys enjoyed some fun outdoors in the sun with their girlfriends at the start of the movie.

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