May 22, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Aleksandr's Price (2013)

Aleksandr's Price was written and directed by its star Pau Masó. Aleksandr (played by Pau) is an illegal immigrant who turns to escorting to make ends meet, while dealing with the trauma of his mother's death. His sanity comes under fire as he sinks deeper into the seedy underbelly of the New York sex trade. He showed some brief nudity for a shower scene. The film features shirtless scenes for Josh Berresford and Oliver Canovas, who play two of his wealthy, handsome benefactors. Aleksandr is joined at his club dancing job by other shirtless dancers, played by Edy Escamilla, Cesar Campos & Jon Ash.

Rory Kinnear, Russell Tovey & Maxim Baldry on Years and Years (2019)

Episode 2 of the new drama Years and Years featured some rear nudity from cast member Rory Kinnear. Rory plays eldest brother Stephen Lyons on the series. During a family celebration, everyone gets a bit tipsy, while dancing outside. This leads him to strip down, to the horror of his teenage daughter. Stephen's brother Daniel (played by Russell Tovey) continued his relationship with illegal immigrant Viktor (played by Maxim Baldry). The two got another sex scene this week. Russell was also shirtless for the scene that followed. Ultimately, they were torn apart when Viktor was deported, thanks to the efforts of Daniel's jilted ex, Ralph (played by Dino Fetscher).

May 21, 2019

25 Days of Gays: El Angel (2018)

Based on a true story, the award-winning docu-drama El Angel is from Argentina and tells the story of a baby-faced teen, Carlos (played by Lorenzo Ferro), who becomes a notorious criminal. His life of theft takes on new meaning when he joins forces with his classmate Ramón (played by Chino Darín), whom he becomes infatuated with, escalating the drama. Both actors show some partial nudity during the film, as does Daniel Fanego, who plays Ramón's father José. He shows a partial frontal that doesn't go unnoticed by Carlos upon their first meeting.

GayTV Recap: Grey's Anatomy (Episodes 15x23-15x25)

The final three episodes of Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy continued the recurring gay subplot revolving around Grey-Sloan intern Levi Schmitt (played by Jake Borelli) and surgical fellow Nico Kim (played by Alex Landi). Things picked up where Grey's sister series Station 19 left off with Levi attempting to stabilize fire chief Lucas Ripley after the two crossed paths at a flower shop where Ripley collapsed. Their ambulance arrived at the hospital at the start of Episode 15x23, and Levi was quickly informed that he had saved the life of Seattle's fire chief, shocking him, and leading him to proclaim himself a hero.

May 20, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Kambyo (2008)

Kambyo is a gay film from the Philippines that centers on a group of friends who embark on a road trip that leads to relationships evolved, and sexuality explored. Cousins Macky (played by Ray An Dulay) and Manuel (played by Kenjie Garcia) are joined on the trip by their promiscuous pal Xavier (played by Harold Macasero) and his latest conquest Aldo (played by Gabz del Rosario). Macky uses the trip to seek out his one-time love Philip (played by Johnron Tañada), only to find him with a wife and children. The two still manage to reconnect, completing their history by making love for the first time. Both Ray & Johnron show rear nudity for the love scene. There are also some flashes of frontal nudity from Johnron. Gabz shows some rear nudity for two oral sex scenes.

Evan Bittencourt & Eli Brown on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (2019)

Episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists continued the rekindling of romance between pretty little liar Dylan (played by Eli Brown) and his boyfriend Andrew (played by Evan Bittencourt). The two got a love scene during the episode, followed by some gift-giving in bed. Dylan's gift included a performance of the song he wrote for Andrew, which he played with his cello shirtless. Both actors were topless for the lengthy sequence.

Jason Tobin & Ronnie Victor on Warrior (2019)

Episode 5 of the Cinemax action series Warrior featured more male nudity. Scenes at the show's brothel led to skin from cast member Jason Tobin who was shirtless for his character's sex scene. While he didn't show any nudity, there was brief rear nudity from Ronnie Victor who played another, unnamed customer in the brothel. His sex session gets interrupted by leading man Andrew Koji, causing him to make a hasty exit before getting dressed.

Boris Kodjoe on Station 19 (2019)

The Season 2 finale of Station 19 found the firefighters facing a life-threatening wildfire. The episode also featured some new romantic connections between some characters. Captain Sullivan (played by Boris Kodjoe) gave-in to his growing sexual tension with leading lady Andy. His shirt came off as the two were about to hit the sheets, though he ultimately put the brakes on when he secretly lost feeling in his leg due to a prior injury. The episode also featured some new love for fellow firefighter Travis (played by Jay Hayden). While helping at a triage station outside the wildfire, Travis crossed paths with Dylan (played by Nile DiMarco). The two dealt with an emergency together and Travis was instantly impressed with Dylan's quick thinking. He then learned that Dylan was deaf. Not knowing sign language, Travis was unable to figure out that Dylan was flirting with him until his teammate Gibson arrived, translating Dylan's interest in Travis, leading to a kiss between the guys.

Daren Kagasoff on The Village (2019)

Daren Kagasoff was shirtless again on the latest episode of NBC drama The Village. Episode 9 of the series began with Daren's character, Gabe, in a love scene with his love interest Sofia. Daren was shirtless for that scene, and the scene that followed as the two did some post-sex chatting, before Sofia made her exit to use a real bathroom, given their current situation in the basement of the series' title apartment building.

Adam Huber on Dynasty (2019)

This week's episode of The CW drama Dynasty featured a love scene for leading lady Fallon and her beau Liam (played by Adam Huber). The brief scene near the end of the episode found Liam making a romantic gesture, which led to Fallon's bedroom. His shirt came off for the scene, which marked only Adam's second shirtless scene for the season.

May 19, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Sodom (2017)

Sodom tells the story of the chance encounter that occurs when young UK soccer player Will (played by Pip Brignall) is found naked and handcuffed to a lamppost by older German pianist Michael (played by Jo Weil), who comes to his rescue in Berlin. The two retreat to Michael's apartment for clothes, beginning a love affair that leads to tension and questions of sexuality, as Will reveals his engagement to a woman, despite his inability to resist his growing connection to Michael. Pip shows rear nudity in the opening scene and again in beach cutaway scenes. Jo is shirtless in several scenes.

Russell Tovey, Dino Fetscher & Maxim Baldry on Years and Years (2019)

The new BBC series Years and Years is a family drama centered around the Lyons family, whose lives are turned upside down five years into the future after political turmoil leads to disaster. Russell Tovey stars as Daniel Lyons. The first episode finds him bonding with his family over the course of five years, while cultivating his relationship with his boyfriend, and later husband, Ralph (played by Dino Fetscher). As the years pass, the couple drifts apart due to conflicting ideologies and Daniel takes an interest in refugee Viktor (played by Maxim Baldry), leading to an affair. All three actors showed skin during the first episode.

Devon Chandler Long on Doom Patrol (2019)

Devan Chandler Long continued his guest stint on Doom Patrol in Episode 14. His character, Flex Metallo assisted the heroes in their mission to locate the Chief and take down Mr. Nobody. With his costume consisting of just his leopard print shorts, his chest was on display for all of his scenes. Flex uses his muscle-flexing power to transport the group.

Soapy Sunday: Michael Mealor on The Young & the Restless (2019)

Michael Mealor got out of his shirt once again on The Young & the Restless this week. His character, Kyle, went for a swim with his girlfriend Lola during the May 13th episode of the soap opera. They returned to the house in towels and began to get romantic until they were interrupted by his ex, Summer, looking to lash out at Kyle for enjoying romance instead of their shared work. Despite, the interruption, Kyle remained shirtless and ultimately ended up in bed with Lola. Michael was shirtless for multiple scenes.

Soapy Sunday: Don Diamont on The Bold & the Beautiful (2019)

Don Diamont is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight. The Bold & the Beautiful star spent quite a bit of time shirtless on the daytime drama this week, as his character Bill was the subject of a love test orchestrated by his lady love Katie. She teamed up with her new friend Shauna to test Bill to see if he might cheat when presented with the opportunity. Shauna found him shirtless in his bedroom in the May 15th episode. He remained shirtless for the May 16th episode, where Bill refused Shauna's advances, pleasing Katie, who joined him in the bedroom. He was still without his shirt at the start of the May 17th episode.

Soapy Sunday: Wes Ramsey on General Hospital (2019)

General Hospital hasn't gotten Wes Ramsey shirtless since last September. They remedied that travesty this week. The May 14th episode found his character, Peter, acting on his long-simmering sexual tension with his brother's widow Maxie. The two hit the sheets and Peter's shirt came off for the occasion. Wes was shirtless for the couple's love scene.

Soapy Sunday: Rob Wilson on Days of Our Lives (2019)

Rob Wilson opened the May 13th episode of Days of Our Lives without his shirt. His character, Ben, entered his first scene topless as he made a phone call. He was then joined by his girlfriend Ciara, before unfortunately deciding to put his shirt on while the two discussed the latest town drama and Ben's feelings of guilt for not being able to help the situation.

Soapy Sunday: Jordi Vilasuso on The Young & the Restless (2019)

The Young & the Restless got Jordi Vilasuso shirtless again this week. The May 17th episode found his character, Rey, spending some with his lady love Sharon at her house. Sharon provided comfort as Rey received his paternity test results, revealing that he was not the father of his wife Mia's child. Sharon reinforced her feelings for him, in the wake of his regrets over his failed marriage. The two ultimately ended up in the bedroom. Jordi was shirtless for the couple's bed scene late in the episode.

May 18, 2019

25 Days of Gays: My Life with James Dean (2017)

The romantic comedy My Life with James Dean is a French film that centers on Géraud (played by Johnny Rasse), a filmmaker invited to present his movie "My Life with James Dean" for a screening tour in Normandy. Upon his arrival, he meets an eclectic group of characters, in a town that ultimately provides him with inspiration and love. Mickaël Pelissier plays Balthazar, a young cinema projectionist who comes to terms with his own sexuality after seeing Géraud's film, leading to a major crush on the director. Both actors show rear nudity in the film. There's also rear nudity from Clément Geerts who plays an actor in Géraud's film, alongside a shirtless Thomas Cauchon.

Hart Denton, K.J. Apa, Eli Goree & Mark Consuelos on Riverdale (2019)

The third season finale of Riverdale aired this week and the second-half of the episode featured several shirtless scenes. Hart Denton returned to the series as the trouble-making Chick, who was revealed to have been under the mask of the big bad Gargoyle King. He got a shirtless face-off with Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse). Cast member Mark Consuelos was shirtless for the entirety of his appearance in the episode, as his character Hiram was seen plotting while exercising in prison. Eli Goree was also shirtless for his only scene. His character, Mad Dog, did some shirtless sparring with Archie (played by K.J. Apa) late in the episode. While Archie wasn't shirtless for their time in the ring, K.J. did appear in his underwear for a flash-forward scene that featured Archie, Betty & Veronica in their underwear, having burned their bloody clothes after some unseen tragedy.

May 17, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Brotherly Love (2017)

Anthony J. Caruso is the writer, director and star of Brotherly Love. The romantic comedy centers on Vito (played by Anthony), a gay Brother in the Catholic Church, preparing to take his vows when he falls in love with Gabe (played by Derek Babb), turning his life, his desires, and his beliefs upside down. Despite the religious themes, the film features several skin scenes for Anthony & Derek. Their climactic love scene features rear nudity from Derek. There's also some skin shown by Dalton Edward Phillips and Phil Rodriguez, who play men that Vito and his best friend Tim (played by Chance McKee) encounter on their way to a white party.

May 16, 2019

25 Days of Gays: The City of the Future (2016)

The City of the Future is a Brazilian film that focuses on the lives of a trio of sexually-fluid young people whose daily struggles are heightened due to their sexuality and a new pregnancy. Gilmar (played by Gilmar Araujo), a teacher, is in a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend Milla and also Igor (played by Igor Santos), a young man struggling to find work. Their conservative city forces the two men to keep their romance in the shadows. Igor gets a shower scene in the film where he shows both frontal and rear nudity, while Gilmar gets several shirtless scenes.

May 14, 2019

25 Days of Gays: A Brother (2018)

The coming of age French film A Brother centers on teenager Tom (played by Simon Royer), whose quiet summer with his family becomes more complicated when they are joined by family friends and their son Félix (played by Marin Lafitte). Tom and Félix's growing friendship leads to a sexual awakening. Marin his shirtless in several scenes throughout the film. Simon shows some rear nudity. Their co-star Simon Escoffier is also shirtless for his role as antagonistic teen Léo.

Devan Chandler Long on Doom Patrol (2019)

Episode 13 of Doom Patrol welcomed guest star Devan Chandler Long as Flex Metallo, a super-powered man from the 1960s. The group sets him free in the present and attempts to help him recapture his memory. Given Metallo's muscle power, he shows off his muscles throughout the episode. Devan is shirtless in the majority of his scenes during the episode.

May 13, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Family Commitments (2015)

The German comedy Family Commitments centers on the flamboyant David (played by Maximilian von Pufendorf) and reserved teacher Khaled (played by Omar El-Saeidi), a happy couple dreaming of marriage when their lives begin to spiral out of control thanks to Khaled's homophobic father, David's anti-Muslim leaning mother, David's struggling art gallery, and a surprise pregnancy involving one of them. The film also features some rear nudity from leading man Maximilian as well as the uncredited young lover of the talented but creatively-blocked artist living above David's gallery.

Avan Jogia, Jacob Artist, Desmond Chiam, Johnathon Schaech & Beau Mirchoff on Now Apocalypse (2019)

Episode 10 of the STARZ series Now Apocalypse featured more male nudity from leading man Avan Jogia and recurring actor Desmond Chiam. The Season 1 finale began with Avan's character Ulysses in bed with his new love Isaac (played by Jacob Artist). He left for a shower, pulling his underwear down along the way. Jacob was shirtless in skimpy undies for the entirety of his appearance in the episode. Desmond's nudity came at the end of the episode when his character Jethro had his pants forcibly removed by an alien, leading to an unwanted sexual encounter on the street. Johnathon Schaech showed off his chest in an open shirt during the episode, and Beau Mirchoff flashed a tiny bit of nipple for his final scene.

Andrew Koji on Warrior (2019)

Leading man Andrew Koji got naked again on his Cinemax action drama Warrior. The sixth episode began with a parade in town, though his character Ah Sahm did not attend the festivities. The parade montage, however, also included cutaways to Ah Sahm having sex with his new love interest Penelope. He showed rear nudity during the sequence.

May 12, 2019

25 Days of Gays: A Moment in the Reeds (2017)

A Moment in the Reeds is a gay film from Finland, which centers on Leevi (played by Janne Puustinen), a young man who returns to his family's lake house to assist his father with renovations. There he meets hired hand Tareq (played by Boodi Kabbani) and romance blossoms between the two after they are left alone. Both Janne and Boodi show ample skin during the film. There is rear nudity from both actors and a quick frontal glimpse from Janne during a sex scene.

GayTV Recap: General Hospital (Episodes 14324-14325)

General Hospital's resident gays Lucas (played by Ryan Carnes) and Brad (played by Parry Shen) were back this week. The couple began Episode 14324 having a public visit with Lucas' cousin Valerie. They discussed her recent promotion to detective, as she bonded with their adopted son Wiley. When their casual conversation led to Lucas bringing up Brad's classes with the Dawn of Day (DOD) spiritual group, Valerie was instantly concerned, warning that Brad needed to stay away from Shiloh's group, catching them off-guard.

Soapy Sunday: Josh Swickard on General Hospital (2019)

Josh Swickard is quickly becoming General Hospital's MVP when it comes to skin these days. Josh's character, hot detective Chase, has continued to build his romance with school teacher and cult escapee Willow, supporting her through her emotional turmoil. He did so while topless during the May 8th episode after Chase invited Willow to stay at his place to feel more comfortable. He remained shirtless in the May 9th episode, keeping his chest on display for the majority of that episode.

Soapy Sunday: Rob Wilson on Days of Our Lives (2019)

Days of Our Lives continues to get Rob Wilson out of his shirt. He added some gratuitous shirtless screentime to his appearance in the May 8th episode. His character, Ben, emerged from the bathroom, leading to a chat with his lady love Ciara. He joined her on the bed and proceeded to make-out with his chest on display.

Soapy Sunday: Jason Canela on The Young & the Restless (2019)

Jason Canela was featured in likely his final shirtless scene on The Young & the Restless this week. The actor's impending departure means opportunities to show skin are dwindling. This week, his character Arturo once again went to bed with his sister-in-law, the pregnant Mia. With their familial relationships in shambles and a police investigation looming, Arturo suggested the duo leave Genoa City together, during their post-sex bed scene in the May 7th episode.

Soapy Sunday: Brandon Barash on Days of Our Lives (2019)

Brandon Barash was shirtless to start the May 6th episode of Days of Our Lives. His character, Stefan, began the episode still in bed with Gabi after their tryst at the end of the previous episode. They remained in the bedroom for two scenes, unaware that Chloe, Stefan's love interest, was looking for him. Stefan emerged from the bed and his black undies were briefly on display before he got dressed.

Soapy Sunday: Matthew Atkinson on The Bold & the Beautiful (2019)

The May 6th episode of The Bold & the Beautiful picked up where the previous episode left off with a shirtless Thomas (played by Matthew Atkinson) kissing the married Hope, and hoping that it would prompt her to end her marriage to become a family with him and his grieving son. Hope did not provide the reaction he hoped for, as she tried to gently rebuff him. This led him to cover up a bit, putting on a tanktop, which kept his muscles on display.

May 11, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Hard Paint (2018)

The Brazilian film Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta) follows Pedro (played by Shico Menegat), a young man facing criminal charges for assaulting a bullying classmate and his sister's departure from their apartment and the city, leaving him alone. To make money, Pedro performs cam shows, incorporating neon paint as his signature. When he discovers a fellow performer in the city emulating his tactic, he invites Leo (played by Bruno Fernandes) for a duet. Their partnership proves lucrative for both and they fall in love. Pedro feels he's found a new source of support, until Leo announces his upcoming departure as well. Both Shico & Bruno show rear and frontal nudity in multiple scenes. There's also rear nudity from Frederico Vasques, who plays a man Pedro crosses paths with, leading to a sexual encounter.

Chris Carmack on Grey's Anatomy (2019)

The penultimate episode of Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy aired this week. Episode 24 of the medical drama's current season opened with several of the show's characters waking up in bed. This included Linc (played by Chris Carmack), who was shirtless at the side of his love interest Amelia. She panics, realizing that they fell asleep in her shared residence, with several children and colleagues who are unaware of their sexual relationship. Linc is annoyed when he's forced to stay in her room with a full bladder until the house is empty.

May 10, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Stonewall (2015)

Stonewall tells the story of young Danny Winters (played by Jeremy Irvine) who flees to New York after his family discovers he's gay. He meets an eclectic group of outcasts in the city, and learns to navigate adulthood and come to terms with the life he left behind, all told upon the backdrop of simmering tensions in 1969, which would erupt in the Stonewall Riots, which paved the way for the gay rights movement in New York. Jeremy shows some partial rear nudity when he removes his pants to reveal his tighty whities. He also shows off his chest. His co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Jonny Beauchamp also appear in scenes wearing just their undies. Karl Glusman shows the most skin, with his butt on display in a locker room scene for his role as Joe, Danny's closeted love he left behind in his hometown.

Mark Consuelos & K.J. Apa on Riverdale (2019)

This week's episode of the CW drama Riverdale featured a major confrontation between Archie (played by K.J. Apa) and his longtime nemesis Hiram (played by Mark Consuelos). Things came to a head in Episode 21 of the third season. After learning of Hiram's plans to buy the town of Riverdale, Archie stepped up to challenge him. He confronted Hiram in the sauna, challenging him to a boxing match. Both men were clad in towels for that scene, and shirtless again for the climactic match. Hiram remained shirtless after he was arrested in the ring and confronted by his daughter while behind bars.

Quincy Brown, Marcos Palacios & extras on Star (2019)

The third season finale of the FOX musical drama Star aired this week and the show couldn't end the season without giving viewers another look at cast member Quincy Brown shirtless. He got a random shirtless scene in the finale as he was interrupted while cleaning in the kitchen by his fiancée Alexandra and his returning grandmother. The episode also featured recurring actor Marcos Palacios shirtless for all of his screentime as his character, Lil Dini performed topless at an awards show. Alexandra's bachelorette party also featured some skin as two male dancers performed in very skimpy undies for the festivities.

Chris Mason & Noah Gray-Cabey on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (2019)

Episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists featured the return of Chris Mason. Despite his character Nolan's death in the first episode, he appeared in a holiday flashback this week, as Nolan played Santa to his girlfriend Ava. He didn't bother with a coat or even a shirt for his outfit, providing Ava and viewers with a holiday treat in the form of his chest. The episode also featured a bit of skin from recurring actor Noah Gray-Cabey, who ditched his shirt for the first time on the series as his character, Mason, got steamy in his final scene of the episode.

Christopher Meloni & Patrick Fischler on Happy! (2019)

This week's new episode of the Syfy series Happy! featured some skin from leading man Christopher Meloni. His character, Nick Sax, returned home looking to get out of his leather costume, putting his chest on display. His chest was briefly exposed again later, in a montage as he suited up for a mission of revenge. His co-star Patrick Fischler showed some side nudity in a hospital gown during the episode as well.

May 8, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Driver (2017)

Driver is a gay thriller from Thailand. It tells the story of a private driver, Mac (played by Prama Imanotai) who finds himself assisting his boss' wife in her search for her missing husband, Tae (played by Puri Hiranyapluek), whom Mac has been carrying on a secret romance with. Their search gives way to flashbacks which reveal the depth of Mac & Tae's love affair, and a sinister culprit waiting to strike. Prama & Puri both show skin in flashbacks. Prama shows rear nudity when he's ordered by the wife to retrieve keys from a pool. The film also features some brief rear nudity from actor/model Marut Saensuk, who plays a spa worker who provided service to Tae and is subjected to questioning by the investigating duo. His flashbacks also include an extra who shows rear nudity and a censored frontal.

Isaiah Mustafa, Alberto Rosende, Harry Shum Jr., Matthew Daddario, Dominic Sherwood & Luke Baines on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2019)

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments came to an end this week with its final two episodes. The finale event managed to work in a bit of skin from all of the male cast members and recurring actor Luke Baines. The first hour featured a lengthy shirtless scene for Isaiah Mustafa, as his character Luke woke up in his underwear to discover that his life as a werewolf was over, as he was returned to his Shadowhunter roots. The second hour opened with a montage of the show's three main couples each in each others' arms after returning safely from their battle in hell. Alberto Rosende showed the most skin as his character, Simon got steamy with Shadowhunter Isabelle for the first time. There were some brief glimpses of skin from Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario for the sequence. Luke Baines also showed some hints of skin for his character's own post-sex scene. The finale also featured a happy ending for Magnus (played by Harry) and Alec (played by Matthew) as they solidified their reunited love with a wedding. The wedding reception also hinted at a potential love connection between Magnus' fellow warlock and frenemy Lorenzo (played by Javier Muñoz) and Alec's Shadowhunter friend Underhill (played by Steve Byers).

May 7, 2019

25 Days of Gays: New Wave (2008)

The French film New Wave is from writer/director Gaël Morel (Our Paradise). This earlier film centers on introverted college student Eric (played by Valentin Ducommun) who gets exposed to the new wave music movement thanks to his blossoming friendship with the unconventional Romain (played by Victor Chambon). Their relationship leads to Eric's coming of age. Valentin shows rear and frontal nudity for an emotional shower scene late in the film, where he is comforted by his coach (played by Stéphane Rideau) after tragedy strikes. Victor appeared in a few shirtless scenes.

Jason Tobin on Warrior (2019)

The latest episode of the Cinemax action drama Warrior featured some skin from cast member Jason Tobin. His character, Young Jun found himself spending the night at a saloon alongside leading man Ah Sahm in Episode 5. Young Jun took in the pleasures of the establishment, leading him to a room with one of the ladies. She removed his shirt in preparation for sex. Unfortunately, unlike his female co-star, he did not show any nudity.

Sam Underwood on Dynasty (2019)

Dynasty newcomer Sam Underwood got his first shirtless scene in the latest episode of the CW drama. Sam's character, bad boy Adam Carrington, has been scheming against his family since his arrival and his latest target, his sister Fallon, got caught up in his drama this week, as her romance with her beau Liam (played by Adam Huber) was temporarily stalled by his mother's arrival. It was revealed late in the episode that Adam was in cahoots with Liam's mother and the two were sleeping together. Sam was shirtless for the couple's post-sex bed scene.

May 6, 2019

25 Days of Gays: Where Are You Going, Habibi? (2015)

Where Are You Going, Habibi? is a German film from writer/director Tor Iben (The Passenger, Cibrâil). It centers on Ibrahim (played by Cem Alkan), a closeted young man who falls for petty criminal wrestler Ali (played by Martin Walde) after the two cross paths randomly. He orchestrates continued encounters and comes to Ali's rescue after he is left injured, taking care of him in his recovery. Their friendship grows, as Ibrahim's sexuality comes under fire. Both Cem & Martin show rear nudity in the film. Real-life wrestler Ivan Kiev appears shirtless playing one of Ali's fellow training wrestlers. Alexander Becht is also shirtless for his role as Lukas, who becomes a love interest for Ibrahim.

May 5, 2019

Zac Efron in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

The Netflix release Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile stars Zac Efron as notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. Told mostly from the perspective of Bundy's longtime girlfriend, single mother Liz, it showcases the charismatic man's ability to connect with people, even in the face of horrific crimes and a courtroom frenzy. Despite the drama, and true crimes involved, Zac also managed to show off his amazing body, with his chest on display in a few scenes, as well as his butt. The actor got two rear nude scenes during the film.

Avan Jogia, Jacob Artist, Beau Mirchoff, RJ Mitte, Desmond Chiam, Taylor Hart & Evan Hart on Now Apocalypse (2019)

The STARZ series Now Apocalypse continued to pack in the male skin with Episode 9. The penultimate episode of the first season found new lovers Ulysses (played by Avan Jogia) and Isaac (played by Jacob Artist) growing more inseparable, despite knowing their relationship was moving oddly fast. They spent time eating in their underwear in bed together. Avan was shirtless for their video chat earlier in the episode as well. Beau Mirchoff continued his streak of skin, appearing shirtless for the ninth episode in a row. His character, Ford, was clad in just his undies for two bed scenes during this episode. RJ Mitte reprised his role as Leif from Episode 5, who crosses paths with leading lady Carly once again. She began the episode with a sex dream featuring her boyfriend Jethro (played by Desmond Chiam), which quickly transitioned into sex with a topless Leif. Desmond showed some side nudity for that sequence. Recurring actors Taylor Hart & Evan Hart showed some skin for the first time in Episode 9, as Ford's girlfriend Severine got very personal with her twin co-workers, Klaus & Lars, on the couch.

Soapy Sunday: Rob Wilson on Days of Our Lives (2019)

Rob Wilson got stripped down to a towel on Days of Our Lives this week. The April 30th episode of the daytime soap found his character, Ben, continuing to cozy up to his lady love Ciara. Ben headed off to take a shower, just as their love nest was invaded by her mother, Hope, who came looking for Ben in connection to her latest police investigation. Ben emerged from the bathroom in just a towel, providing an eyeful for the audience and the ladies.

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