Apr 22, 2018

Soapy Sunday: Christopher Sean & Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

The romance between Paul (played by Christopher Sean) and Will (played by Chandler Massey) continued this week. With their relationship deepening, the two continued to bond sexually. The April 17th episode opened with a shirtless Paul working from Will's bed, though they quickly put work aside for sex. Will's tanktop came off for the scenes that followed as a topless Paul voiced his suspicions about their shared ex Sonny's new beau Leo and Will revealed his intentions to learn more about the drug that seemingly brought him back from the dead, and likely caused his amnesia.

Soapy Sunday: Dominic Zamprogna on General Hospital (2018)

It's been ages since General Hospital got Dominic Zamprogna shirtless. This week, that changed. His character, Dante, spent the majority of the April 17th episode in bed with his wife Lulu. The coverage of the married couple enjoying some romance between the sheets served the episode's plot, as Dante's phone didn't get plugged in, causing him to miss the news of his half-sister's apparent abduction. As his family's drama played out, the detective steamed things up with his wife, requiring him to be topless.

Soapy Sunday: Tyler Christopher on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Days of Our Lives reached a major turning point in it's multiple-personality storyline revolving around Abigail. Her alter Gabby continued to scheme alongside Stefan (played by Tyler Christopher), the half-brother of Abigail's husband Chad. Gabby and Stefan hit the sheets during the April 20th episode. Tyler was shirtless for the occasion, with her removing his shirt before the two fell into bed together. He remained topless for the remainder of the episode, which ended with Chad walking in on the two, seeing his wife in a black wig.

Apr 21, 2018

Justin Baldoni on Jane the Virgin (2018)

The fourth season finale of Jane the Virgin aired last night. The CW comedy took one last opportunity to get leading man Justin Baldoni out of his shirt. The seventeenth episode of the season found his character Rafael reaching a place of seeming perfection with Jane, until she realizes he may be keeping a secret. The two got a bed scene and Rafael was shirtless for the scene. Given the finale's big twist ending, it appears that Jane & Rafael's relationship will be hitting a major roadblock next season.

Apr 20, 2018

Griffin Dunne on Imposters (2018)

The Bravo crime comedy Imposters finally included some nudity. Episode 3 of the second season found Jules attempting to secure fake passports for her team. This leads her to Herman (played by Griffin Dunne). She arrives at his home to discuss the issue, and he emerges from a bathtub naked. He shows rear nudity for the scene. Hopefully this opens the door for future nudity from the show's hot trio of leading men, Rob Heaps, Parker Young & Stephen Bishop.

Jake Lacy on I'm Dying Up Here (2018)

Season 2 of the Showtime drama about comedy, I'm Dying Up Here premiered this week. Episode 1 featured some skin from cast member Jake Lacy. While traveling for his comedy career with two of his fellow comedians, Jake's character Nick takes the opportunity to enjoy sexual conquests along the way. He gets a sex scene inside a club, though his underwear manages to pretty much stay on. A later scene has him fleeing from a different encounter, while wearing skimpy black undies and carrying his clothes. He's shirtless for that scene.

Apr 19, 2018

Naked Extra on Krypton (2018)

This week's new episode of the Syfy genre series Krypton featured some random rear nudity. Episode 5 found leading man Seg-El in danger and his friends looking to find him. His pal Adam Strange (played by Shaun Sipos) teamed up with Seg's lady love Lyta Zod. As they discussed their plan to go after Seg, they entered the warrior locker room where Adam was instantly uncomfortable to see all of the flesh on display. A naked extra gets some extra screentime with a stare in Adam's direction before walking away with his butt on display.

Zach Braff on Alex, Inc. (2018)

Zach Braff got a rare shirtless scene on this week's episode of his new sitcom Alex, Inc. His character, Alex, makes an emergency exit from a shower, walking into the kitchen, unaware that his mother-in-law has arrived. He gets a surprise as he turns around, seeing her while he's only wearing a towel.

K.J. Apa on Riverdale (2018)

Riverdale was back this week and leading man K.J. Apa got a brief shirtless scene at the start of Episode 18 of the second season. With the characters all getting ready for the school's impending Carrie musical, several characters appeared in an opening montage, including a shirtless Archie, who studied a script, while doing push-ups without his shirt.

Apr 17, 2018

Lucas Adriaco, Adam Demos & Alex Sparrow on UnREAL (2018)

The third season of the Lifetime drama UnREAL is headed towards its finale and things certainly heated up this week. The episode featured some full-on rear nudity from guest star Lucas Adriaco who appeared early in one scene as Paolo, a young man who wakes up in bed with cutthroat producer Quinn. He departs while still naked. Cast members Adam Demos and Alex Sparrow also got to show off their chests once again. Sparks fly between Adam's character, August, and Everlasting suitress Serena, leading them to hit the sack after a shirtless chat. Alex is also shirtless for a sex scene. After things went sour between his character, Alexi, and Jay, producer Jay set him up to be eliminated from the reality show. Before leaving angrily, Alexi had some impromptu sex with leading lady Rachel, as a heartbroken Jay watched.

Alex Russell on S.W.A.T. (2018)

Episode 17 of the police drama S.W.A.T. got cast member Alex Russell stripped down for some partial nudity. His character, Jim, goes looking for some romance, only to discover that his new friend is a married woman. Her husband arrives home while Jim remains without his clothes. He only has a pillow to cover his privates. The pillow is soon replaced with his pile of clothes as he makes a quick exit from the house, hopping into the pool to escape.

John Bregar on iZombie (2018)

John Bregar guest starred on this week's new episode of iZombie. He didn't get much screentime as his character was the corpse of the week on the CW drama, apparently dying after a night of passion with a woman he meets at a club in the opening scene. He's shirtless for the scene where he's discovered to be dead in bed. He remains without his shirt for the scene that follows as leading lady Olivia and her pals investigate his death.

Matt Czuchry on The Resident (2018)

Episode 10 of the medical drama The Resident found leading man Matt Czuchry's character, Conrad, dealing with the emotional fallout of a patient's death. This leads him to an accidental collision while running. He refuses medical treatment at the hospital and carries on with his day, ultimately ending it in bed with his on-again/off-again love interest Nic. He was briefly shirtless for their bed scene which ended the episode.

Apr 16, 2018

Harris Dickinson & Andrea Arcangeli on Trust (2018)

Episode 4 of the FX Network drama Trust continued to tell the story of the abduction of young J. Paul Getty III (played by Harris Dickinson) and his family's reaction to the extortion plot. While captive, he spends much of this week's episode getting to know his captors, specifically Angelo (played by Andrea Arcangeli) and Dante (played by Mauro Lamanna). Young Paul is allowed to wash-up in a stream, leading him to strip down to his underwear. Angelo follows suit, also taking to the water. Paul tries to teach the men how to catch fish and Dante joins in, stripping off his pants. Angelo is shirtless again later in the episode, sitting with Paul who is showing off his chest in an open shirt.

Raymond Lee on Here and Now (2018)

The first season of the HBO drama Here and Now came to an end this week. Episode 10 got cast member Raymond Lee shirtless for the occasion. His character, Duc, takes refuge from his familial drama, seeing comfort from his love interest Carmen. She tries to help him work through his childhood trauma and he ends up in his skimpy briefs. The two ultimately have sex, leading his shirt to come off.

Tom Austen & Toby Sandeman on The Royals (2018)

The Royals got cast member Tom Austen and recurring star Toby Sandeman to show off their chests once again this week. Episode 6 of the fourth season stripped Tom down to his boxers for his first scene as his character, Jasper, enjoyed some morning romance with his lady love Eleanor before they were ultimately interrupted by her brother Robert. Toby Sandeman again briefly showed off his chest as he got dressed, picking up where last week's episode left his character Sebastian, in the bedroom of Queen Helena.

Apr 15, 2018

Brent Antonello in A Lover Betrayed (2017)

With the recent announcement that the basketball drama Hit the Floor's new season will air this summer, it's the perfect opportunity to take a look at one of that show's hot bodies. Brent Antonello will hopefully get many chances to show more skin in Season 4. In the meantime, the blog dipped into the Lifetime originals vault to revisit Brent's chest on display in A Lover Betrayed, where he played a soldier who gets romantically involved with a grieving mother, only to be tossed aside in favor of her ex-husband, leading to trouble. Brent was shirtless for a bed scene and the scene that followed as he eavesdropped on their conversation, growing more angry. He also flexed his muscles in a black tank top for the film. Brent will be back on television soon with a multi-episode stint on Dynasty, while Hit the Floor returns July 10.

Justin Baldoni on Jane the Virgin (2018)

Justin Baldoni got another shirtless scene on Jane the Virgin this week. Episode 16 of the fourth season found his character Rafael running into privacy issues inside his girlfriend Jane's house shared with her grandmother. Jane & Rafael get steamy in her bedroom and his clothes come off. They are soon interrupted after landing on the bed. He also got to show off his great legs in the scene in order to avoid showing any nudity.

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

Matt Cohen hasn't gotten out of his shirt on General Hospital since January. This week, however, the daytime soap rectified that travesty. His character, Griffin, opened the April 12th episode with a nightmare that ended in tragedy, leading him to wake up in bed shirtless. He was calmed by his lady love Ava but didn't want to discuss his stressful situation. He remained topless for his second scene, as Ava tried to get to the bottom of what was bothering him. Fun fact: Matt was shirtless in the episode that aired on April 12th exactly one year ago!

Apr 13, 2018

Rob Heaps on Imposters (2018)

The Bravo crime drama Imposters is back for its second season. Episode 2 got leading man Rob Heaps showing some skin for the first time since the very first episode of the series. Rob's character, Ezra, attempts to embrace his new criminal lifestyle by conning a young woman whom he ends up in bed with. He wakes up to find that she's stolen the money from his wallet and fled. He's clad in nothing but boxer briefs for the scene.

Alex Roe on Siren (2018)

The mermaid-themed drama Siren once again got leading man Alex Roe out of his shirt. The fourth episode of the Freeform series rejoined his character, Ben, while he was again in the shower upon the arrival of his girlfriend Madden. Unlike Episode 2, though, he didn't exit the shower. Instead, she joined him, leading to a steamy love scene. Despite the heat, there were only brief glimpses of skin for Alex in the sequence, as the two were soon interrupted.

Apr 12, 2018

Carter Jenkins on Famous in Love (2018)

Season 2 of Famous in Love worked in a brief shirtless scene for cast member Carter Jenkins. Episode 3 of the new season found his character Rainer dealing with more familial conflict. After discovering his best friend Jordan's affair with his mother, he takes solace in the arms of his new lady love Harper. Things get steamy between the two in the kitchen and they don't get farther than the table before beginning to strip off their clothes. Carter's chest is on display briefly during the quick scene, as Harper gets messy with him.

Apr 11, 2018

David Castro on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (2018)

David Castro was stripped down this week on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. Last week, his character Raphael got a brief shirtless bed scene. This week, he showed even more skin after being stripped down to his underwear. The vampire Raphael was targeted by his progeny looking for revenge by subjecting him to a rising sun with seemingly no escape. He spent several scenes of Episode 4 chained up wearing only his skimpy black undies.

Happy Birthday, Johnny Messner!

Johnny Messner celebrates his birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Johnny has appeared in movies like The Equalizer, The Sweetest Thing, Running Scared, and television series like The O.C. and Jane the Virgin. In honor of his 48th birthday, the blog takes a look back at Johnny in his birthday suit. He showed rear nudity for the film Believers, where he played one-half of a duo of paramedics who find themselves abducted by a religious cult. They are stripped and hosed down in the process. His co-star Jon Huertas is also naked for the scene.

Apr 10, 2018

Adam Demos, Alex Sparrow, Bart Edwards, Melvin Gregg & Alex Hernandez on UnREAL (2018)

Last night's new episode of the Lifetime drama UnREAL featured more of the fictional reality series Everlasting's hot hunks. With the number of suitors shrinking, the show within the show attempted to ramp up the drama and the heat. August (played by Adam Demos) looked to show off his ecological strengths with a plumbing project requiring him to dig a hole without his shirt. He's soon joined by Jasper (played by Bart Edwards), looking to gain some attention as well. The cameras later catch them wrestling shirtless over a hose. Meanwhile, Zach (played by Melvin Gregg) ditched his shirt for a few scenes enjoying himself in the water. He's joined briefly in the pool by Owen (played by Alex Hernandez). Alex Sparrow opened the episode shirtless with his character, Alexi, being caught by the cameras while masturbating in bed. He shows off his body in speedos in the following scene. He also continued to grow closer to producer Jay (played by Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman), as they shared another kiss in secret. His chest was on display in an open shirt for that scene.

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