Jun 18, 2018

Jack Kesy, Aaron Nedrick, Ryan Dinning & Evan Daigle on Claws (2018)

The second episode of the new season of the TNT drama Claws featured the first rear nude scene of the season for leading man Jack Kesy. He stripped down for a sex scene, quickly emerging from the bed with his butt on display. The episode also featured the girls making a commercial, enlisting the new dancers from Uncle Daddy's club to their advantage. Recurring actors Aaron Nedrick and Ryan Dinning were front and center for the scene as Jeff and Brad, respectively, showing some skin alongside the other dancers. Evan Daigle also stripped down briefly. When a fight breaks out at Uncle Daddy's house, Toby (played by Evan) enters the room in his bondage gear and unsuccessfully attempts to stop the violence.

James Marsden on Westworld (2018)

As it marches towards next week's finale, Episode 9 of the second season of the HBO science fiction drama Westworld got cast member James Marsden out of his shirt this week. He got a quick shirtless scene near the end of the episode as his character, Teddy, had a flashback to his activation as a host laying eyes on his love Dolores. While it's implied that the character was naked for the scene, he was shown in a seated position with any nudity obscured. Viewers were only treated to a brief look at his great chest.

Jun 17, 2018

Soapy Sunday: Casey Moss on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Casey Moss hasn't gotten an opportunity to show off his chest since January but Days of Our Lives rectified that travesty this week. Casey got two episodes without a shirt as his character, J.J., took in his former cohort and one-time bed mate Theresa. She woke up in his apartment during the June 11th episode, upset at her plight with Brady. J.J.'s mother (and Theresa's former foe) Jennifer arrived to see her son in nothing but a towel, leading to questions. He was shirtless for some weight-lifting during the June 14th episode as Theresa arrived at the apartment to fill him in on her latest plans to get back in Brady's good graces.

Soapy Sunday: Jason Canela on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The Young & the Restless continues to find reasons to get Jason Canela out of his shirt. He was shirtless again during the June 12th episode. Abby's change of heart towards Arturo (played by Jason) hit a snag during the episode when she arrived at the athletic club pool to find him chatting up her niece (and former rival) Summer. Arturo explained himself and ditched his shirt for the scenes that followed.

Soapy Sunday: Chandler Massey & Christopher Sean on Days of Our Lives (2018)

This week, viewers were treated to more time in the bedroom with Days of Our Lives boyfriends Will (played by Chandler Massey) and Paul (played by Christopher Sean). The duo began the June 11th episode in bed together wearing just their undies. Their canoodling was interrupted by the arrival of their shared ex, Sonny (played by Freddie Smith). Will answered the door shirtless, revealing Sonny's intrusion on their love nest. Paul left the two alone to talk with both Will & Paul getting dressed by the time they next appeared on-screen.

Soapy Sunday: Bryton James on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The Father's Day episode of The Young & the Restless included some romance for father-to-be Devon (played by Bryton James). He rekindled his romance with his ex-wife Hillary during the June 15th episode. The two hit the sheets to make love, leading to a post-sex bed scene early in the episode. Bryton was shirtless for the occasion. This lasted for just one scene, as the duo headed off to share the news of their reunion.

Soapy Sunday: Eric Martsolf on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Eric Martsolf got a brief shirtless bed scene this week on Days of Our Lives. His character, Brady, has been dealing with the drama revolving around the return of his former love, and baby mama, Theresa, who also happens to be the sister of his current love interest Eve. Brady avoided Theresa's attempts to get back into his heart and he hit the sheets with Eve during the June 12th episode. He showed off his chest a bit for just one brief scene.

Jun 16, 2018

Happy Birthday, K.J. Apa!

K.J. Apa is no stranger to the blog, thanks to his starring role on the television drama Riverdale, which shows off his chest on a fairly regular basis. To celebrate his 21st birthday today, the blog visited K.J.'s film resume. While filming Riverdale, he also starred in the 2017 drama A Dog's Purpose, where he played the lead character Ethan during his teen years. Ethan's time as a teen involved fun at the lake with his girlfriend Hannah and his beloved dog. K.J. was shirtless for the sequence.

Happy Birthday, Daniel Brühl!

Daniel Brühl (The Alienist) is one of two birthday boys on the blog today. Daniel celebrates his 40th birthday. He's best known for his roles in films like Inglorious Basterds, Rush, The Bourne Ultimatum, Captain America: Civil War, and Good Bye Lenin! Daniel also recently starred in The Cloverfield Paradox which premiered on Netflix earlier this year. Joining the Cloverfield franchise, this entry centered on a group of scientists who activate a device to solve the planet's energy crisis, only to open themselves up to a darker state of reality. Daniel ditched his shirt for one scene after his character is wounded, leading him to get patched up. For his big day, the blog takes a look back at that brief scene.

Jun 15, 2018

Daniel Doheny & Antonio Marziale in Alex Strangelove (2018)

The new Netflix movie Alex Strangelove centers on Alex Truelove (played by Daniel Doheny), a focused senior class president who decides to achieve his last teenage milestone of sleeping with his girlfriend. Then he meets Elliot (played by Antonio Marziale), a gay teen from the other side of town. Their immediate connection leads Alex to wonder if he might not be so straight after all. Daniel appears shirtless in several scenes and almost shows some side nudity when his character gets kicked out of bed. Antonio also got a shirtless scene as Alex fantasizes about Elliot while attempting to have sex with his girlfriend. In the end, the guys find love with each other.

Jun 14, 2018

Max Irons on Condor (2018)

The new series Condor centers on young CIA analyst Joe Turner (played by Max Irons) who discovers a spy plot from within the organization, leading him to go on the run until he can crack the conspiracy after his entire analysis group is killed. In addition to a few shirtless scenes, the first episode worked in some sex for Joe, who sleeps with the mysterious Gabrielle who, of course, figures into the plot against him. Max showed rear nudity for their post-sex scene as he gets to walk around his apartment naked before heading back to bed.

Jun 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson turns 28 today, meaning it's time again to celebrate his gorgeous body. The UK actor has never been shy about showing off his body, as evidenced by his previous birthday posts here on the blog featuring his skin from Savages, Albert Nobbs and Anna Karenina. Aaron scored his first Golden Globe award for his performance in Nocturnal Animals, where he also showed off his body, including some side nudity as his character, Ray, is interrupted while using the toilet on his front porch.

Finn Cole & Ben Robson on Animal Kingdom (2018)

Episode 3 of Animal Kingdom's third season aired last night. The episode led to more skin from cast members Finn Cole and Ben Robson. Both actors were shirtless during the hour. Finn ditched his shirt for a bathroom scene where his character, J, pushed his girlfriend away from getting into his pants, unfortunately. Ben's character, Craig, got a shirtless bed scene as he recovered from a beating he suffered during last week's episode. He narrowly missed showing some near nudity as he was joined by his girlfriend in bed. Things began to get steamy until the two were interrupted.

Happy Birthday, Chris Evans!

Chris Evans celebrates his 37th birthday today! Chris is riding high as his latest film Avengers: Infinity War just crossed the $2 billion mark at the box office this week. Chris began his Marvel career in Captain America: The First Avenger. In honor of his big day, and his movie milestone, the blog takes a look back at his first outing as Steve Rogers, where he got to show off his muscles, literally, after Steve was injected with the experimental super soldier serum.

Jun 12, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dave Franco!

Dave Franco celebrates his 33rd birthday today. Dave has been acting for over 10 years and has never been shy about showing off his body. He showed rear nudity in previously-featured films Neighbors and Unfinished Business. In honor of his big day, the blog digs into the vault to look back at his second film appearance ever in 2007's After Sex, which featured a series of vignettes exploring couples during various stages of their relationships, post-sex. Dave didn't get naked for the film, but did show off his great muscles.

Jun 11, 2018

Ben Barnes, Zahn McClarnon, Booboo Stewart & naked extras on Westworld (2018)

Ben Barnes showed more skin during Episode 8 of the HBO drama Westworld's second season. The episode featured a flashback filling in what happened to his character, Logan, after he was sent off on a horse, bound and naked back in Episode 10 of Season 1. His severely sunburned body was seen here, leading to more side nudity. There are several naked male extras showing rear and frontal nudity as hosts who appear in storage late in the episode. A shirtless Booboo Stewart is also among them, but shows very little skin. Cast member Zahn McClarnon gets to show off his chest during the episode as well, as his host character takes center stage.

Jack Kesy, Aaron Nedrick, Jimmy Jean-Louis & Luke Hawx on Claws (2018)

The TNT drama Claws is back for its second season. Episode 1 featured several male skin scenes. Leading man Jack Kesy showed off his chest in an open shirt for several scenes, before ultimately having one of those shirts forcibly stripped off for his character's impromptu wedding. His co-star Jimmy Jean-Louis showed some side nudity for a post-sex bed scene. Aaron Nedrick made his debut in the recurring role of Jeff, a dancer at Uncle Daddy's re-branded strip club which will now feature an all-male revue. Aaron took front and center, dancing in skimpy undies. There was also brief shirtlessness from Luke Hawx as a wrestler entertaining Uncle Daddy in an oil and glitter pool.

Carlos Miranda on Vida (2018)

Carlos Miranda continues to show off his great body on the STARZ drama Vida. This week's sixth episode featured his character, Johnny, in another post-sex scene with leading lady Lyn. Both were naked as they lounged on the floor for a lengthy chat. Carlos showed some rear nudity with the camera narrowly missing frontal nudity on a few occasions during the scene. He showed off his chest for a few seconds in last week's episode as well.

Happy Birthday, Shia LaBeouf!

Shia LaBeouf turns 32 today, making him the man of the moment. Shia has never been shy about showing skin in his films like Nymphomaniac: Volumes 1 & 2, Charlie Countryman, and the recent American Honey. In honor of his big day, the blog takes a look at another of Shia's recent films, Man Down. The thriller cast Shia as a former marine on a search for his child in a post-apocalyptic world. He got to show off his muscles in a brief shirtless flashback.

Jun 10, 2018

Jamie Bell in Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (2017)

Jamie Bell's latest film release Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool chronicled the real-life romance between aging Hollywood star Gloria Grahame (played by Annette Bening) and young UK actor Peter Turner (played by Jamie), who find their lives continuing to intertwine even as their romance ignites and fades over time. Jamie got several shirtless scenes in the film, thanks to various love scenes. The real Peter Turner appears in the film in addition to being its co-writer.

Soapy Sunday: Lucas Adams on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Lucas Adams is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. The Days of Our Lives hunk found himself thrust into a love triangle as his character Tripp is caught between his roommates Ciara and Claire. During the June 4th episode, Claire took advantage of her aunt Ciara's sexual hesitation with Tripp by trying to convince him to hit the sheets with her. Clothes came off and things got steamy until Tripp stopped things, just in time for Ciara's arrival. He remained shirtless to start the June 5th episode, as Ciara confronted the duo, believing they had sex.

Soapy Sunday: Michael Mealor on The Young & the Restless (2018)

After two episodes featuring his bare chest last week, Michael Mealor found himself showing skin again this week on The Young & the Restless. His debut skin last week may have opened the floodgates for more shirtless screen time. Michael was again shirtless during the June 8th episode as his character, Kyle, spent some time at the athletic club pool. He crossed paths with his cousin Abby who teased him over his previous naked appearance televised at the club. He also provided an ear for Abby to air her romantic dirty laundry, while still sporting just his trunks.

Soapy Sunday: Paul Telfer on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Days of Our Lives continues to save money on Paul Telfer's wardrobe. For the third week in a row, he showed off his chest on the daytime drama. He was shirtless for the entire June 4th episode, as his character Xander went jogging through the town square, running into Eve. The two sparred over their current family drama caused by Xander's return with Theresa, Eve's sister. While the confrontation between the two wasn't particularly pleasant, it did further showcase Paul's great body.

Soapy Sunday: Jason Canela on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Jason Canela continues to rack up shirtless scenes on The Young & the Restless. Jason got out of his shirt again during the June 8th episode. His character, Arturo, attempted to mend the rift in his growing relationship with Abby after she learned that he kept his affair with her stepmother a secret as the two began to get romantic. He found her at the athletic club rooftop pool and they chatted poolside with him sporting just a pair of swim trunks. While Abby appreciated his honesty, she ultimately passed on continuing their romance.

Soapy Sunday: Chandler Massey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

The June 6th episode of Days of Our Lives featured a brief shirtless moment for Chandler Massey. His character Will was getting dressed in his first scene, showing off his chest as he got a shirt on, just in time to answer a knock at his door. He was stunned to find his killer Ben Weston (played by Rob Wilson) on his doorstep looking to make amends for his previous insanity and homicidal actions towards Will.

Soapy Sunday: Jason Thompson on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Jason Thompson ditched his shirt this week on The Young & the Restless. It's been months since the actor was disrobed on the show but that changed this week. The June 4th episode ended with his character, Billy, getting steamy with his lady love Phyllis on the coach, only to be interrupted by the return of Phyllis' daughter Summer. The June 5th episode picked right up where the trio left off, with Billy showing little shame for his skin on display. He was shirtless for just one scene in both episodes.

Jun 8, 2018

Chris Walley & Alex Murphy on The Young Offenders (2018)

The Irish comedy series The Young Offenders follows the misadventures of teen delinquents Conor (played by Alex Murphy) and Jock (played by Chris Walley). The first season of the series featured several skin scenes for the actors. Episode 5 even included some minor nudity as it's revealed that Conor and Jock both sleep naked. While only Chris' butt is visible for that scene, both actors showed rear nudity for the season finale. Episode 6 found the boys accidentally causing their bus to be hijacked by a friendly criminal. He stops the bus to allow a bathroom break for everyone. Unlike the other hostages, Conor & Jock urinate with their pants pulled down completely, briefly showing their butts.

Jun 6, 2018

Jake Weary & Ben Robson on Animal Kingdom (2018)

This week's new episode of Animal Kingdom featured some romance for the Cody men. The second episode of the third season found Deran (played by Jake Weary) and his brother Craig (played by Ben Robson) both getting some love. Deran hooked up with his on-again/off-again love Adrian (played by Spencer Treat Clark). As a result, he spent several scenes of the episode shirtless. Ben was stripped down even more as he got a few rear nude moments during the episode as Craig joined his girlfriend in the shower and later in the bedroom. While Spencer remained covered up, he did get a scene in a form-fitting wetsuit.

Jun 4, 2018

Daniyar & Evan Jonigkeit on Sweetbitter (2018)

Episode 5 of the STARZ series Sweetbitter featured some partial nudity from cast members Daniyar and Evan Jonigkeit. The episode featured some major bonding time between leading lady Tess and her gay co-worker Sasha (played by Daniyar). The two went clubbing together with some of their other restaurant colleagues and followed-up with some real bonding in the shower as Tess shaved Sasha's legs, leading to some side nudity. Tess' fun in the club led to her having sex in the bathroom with Evan's character Will. His butt was on display briefly for the brief sex scene.

Michael Angarano & Jake Lacy on I'm Dying Up Here (2018)

The Showtime series I'm Dying Up Here continues to feature skin from cast members Michael Angarano and Jake Lacy. Both actors were shirtless again in this week's new episode. The fifth episode of the second season had both Michael and Jake topless in their first scenes. Michael's character, Eddie, lounged by the pool shirtless in his jeans, while Jake's character, Nick, woke up in bed after a nightmare after sleeping with leading lady Cassie. Their characters end up on a collision course by the end of the episode, given that Cassie has been dating Eddie and cheated on him.

Jun 3, 2018

Soapy Sunday: Michael Mealor on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The Young & the Restless newcomer Michael Mealor had a huge week of skin. He got his first shirtless moments during the May 28th episode thanks to the Memorial Day barbecue. His character, Kyle, was dressed to hit the pool at the rooftop bar and that left him shirtless for the majority of the episode as he flirted his way through the festivities. He wore even less clothing for the June 1st episode, as Kyle was enlisted by his uncle Billy to promote the company's new suntan lotion called "Birthday Suit." Kyle took things even further when he felt Billy was tanking a live promotional interview. He emerged from the pool naked in order to create more buzz for the product, living up to its name.

Soapy Sunday: Paul Telfer on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Paul Telfer's wardrobe continues to be limited on Days of Our Lives. He popped up again during the May 31st episode, with his character Xander crossing paths with Theresa, allowing him to instigate more drama. He remained wearing just his gray swim trunks, showing off his chest for the entirety of his appearance during the episode. The two were soon interrupted by Xander's cousin Brady, prompting more of a confrontation. The episode also featured a reunion for Will (played by Chandler Massey) and Paul (played by Christopher Sean). The couple shared a kiss upon Paul's return to town, though there was soon some drama as Will revealed his intention to secure the cure for his amnesia, which didn't sit well with Paul. They talked through things during the June 1st episode, sharing another kiss as Will guaranteed that getting his memory back wouldn't change their relationship.

Soapy Sunday: Jason Canela on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Jason Canela is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. Jason's character, Arturo, was once again without his shirt on The Young & the Restless. Arturo continued to bond with Abby and the two sought some relaxation at the rooftop pool. He was outfitted in swim trunks for the occasion, putting his chest on display for one scene at the end of the May 31st episode. Arturo & Abby shared their first kiss, only to be spied by Arturo's last fling, Nikki, who was instantly worried about him moving on with her stepdaughter.

Soapy Sunday: Bryton James on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The Young & the Restless got Bryton James shirtless this week. He appeared in an open shirt during the May 28th episode, which featured his character, Devon, hosting a Memorial Day barbecue alongside his father, Neil. It also led to the official re-opening of the athletic club's rooftop pool establishment. While he didn't get fully shirtless for that event, he did ditch his shirt the next day. The May 29th episode had Devon joining his ex-wife Hillary for a massage. He was shirtless for several scenes of that episode.

Jun 1, 2018

Nick Robinson & Drew Starkey in Love, Simon (2018)

Nick Robinson starred in Love, Simon the coming-of-age story of Simon, a high school senior living in the closet and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. When he meets a kindred spirit online, his secret is threatened, leading him to come to terms with his identity. Nick showed a bit of skin for the role, as he got a scene wearing just a towel after a shower. There's also skin from his co-star Drew Starkey who plays one of Simon's classmates, Garrett, who attends a costume party in speedos. In the end, Simon finds love with his online pen pal who turns out to be his friend Bram (played by Keiynan Lonsdale). The two share several kisses in the final few scenes of the film.

Keith Powers on Famous in Love (2018)

The Freeform drama Famous in Love brought its second season to a close this week. Cast member Keith Powers ditched his shirt for the occasion. The tenth episode of the season found his character, Jordan waking up to the news that he was nominated for an Oscar award. He digested the news during a phone call, showing off his great chest for the scene. His character's fate is ultimately left as a cliffhanger, with emergency crews arriving to the hotel where he was shown having a dangerous fight.

May 31, 2018

25 Days of Gays: God's Own Country (2017)

The final entry in this month's 25 Days of Gays is the UK film God's Own Country. The film centers on Johnny (played by Josh O'Connor), a young farmer bored with his secluded lifestyle, which he fills with drinking and secret sex with men until his parents employ the Romanian Gheorghe (played by Alec Secareanu) to help. Sexual tension between the two explodes, leading to a major change in Johnny's path. Both Josh and Alec strip down for frontal and rear nude scenes. There's also rear nudity from Harry Lister Smith who plays one of Josh's casual hookups early in the film.

May 30, 2018

Finn Cole & Shawn Hatosy on Animal Kingdom (2018)

The TNT family crime drama Animal Kingdom returned this week for its third season. The series premiere wasted no time showing skin from the male cast. Shawn Hatosy was up first as his character's first scene occurred while he was in the shower. Shawn showed rear nudity for the scene, though sadly was quickly dressed. His co-star Finn Cole also showed some skin for his first scene of the season as his character woke up in bed with his girlfriend while shirtless. This led to a bathroom trip, where he remained clad only in his boxers.

25 Days of Gays: The First Day of Winter (2008)

The Italian film The First Day of Winter centers on Valerio (played by Mattia De Gasperis), a quiet lonely teen on the swim team who has trouble interacting with his peers. Instead, he observes them in secret, seeing himself in comparison to them. When he discovers that one of the swim team bullies Daniele (played by Alberto Gerundo) is having a secret romance with teammate Matteo (played by Andrea Semeghini), Valerio is unable to keep his distance, growing more confident and controlling over the duo, ultimately leading to tragedy. All three actors are shirtless, along with Lorenzo Pedrotti, who plays Lorenzo, another member of the team, who attempts to befriend Valerio.

Malcolm Goodwin & David Anders on iZombie (2018)

The fourth season finale of iZombie aired this week and Episode 13 included some shirtless moments. Cast member Malcolm Goodwin got a bed scene early in the episode as his character attempted some romance with his fiancée only to be interrupted by the week's plot. He gets dressed while showing off his chest. His co-star David Anders also got a shirtless scene later in the episode as his zombie character Blaine enjoys a drink while playing a dangerous game with a female friend. Their fun is interrupted as well. iZombie was recently renewed for a fifth and final season.

May 29, 2018

25 Days of Gays: A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 (2012)

A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 is a film that blends biographical elements with some fictionalized story in its exploration of the life of film icon James Dean (played by James Preston) as he embarked on his acting career in the 1950s. Presented in black & white, the film explores Dean's sexuality, specifically, his relationships with men during that time period. There's lots of nudity, with leading man James showing rear nudity. There's also rear nudity from Nick Heyman and K.C. Morgan who get sex scenes with James. Rafael Morais and Sam Garfield also show rear nudity lounging at the pool. Ian Patrick Anderson shows frontal nudity, along with a tanning extra poolside. Christopher Higgins and Brendan Lamb are shirtless.

May 28, 2018

Jake Lacy, RJ Cyler & Clark Duke on I'm Dying Up Here (2018)

This week's new episode of the Showtime series I'm Dying Up Here got cast member Jake Lacy stripped down. Episode 4 of the second season featured his character, Nick, hitting the sheets. He got a sex scene early in the episode, though the duo was interrupted by Bill (played by Andrew Santino) who was not happy to discover Nick having sex in his bed. Jake was naked for the scene, but kept his frontal covered with his hands. He was shirtless again at the end of the episode as Nick had sex with leading lady Cassie. His co-stars RJ Cyler and Clark Duke both showed their chests in shirtless scenes. RJ's character got a post-sex bed scene, while Clark removed his top after his character's martial arts lesson.

May 27, 2018

25 Days of Gays: X/Y (2014)

Ryan Piers Williams wrote, directed, and starred in X/Y, alongside his real-life wife America Ferrara. The film follows the lives and interactions of a group of friends living in New York, after a major blow-up between Mark (played by Ryan) and Silvia (played by America). Mark retreats to his friend Jake's place. As they both experience emotional issues Mark and Jake (played by Jon Paul Phillips), end up sleeping together, releasing some sexual tension that gives Mark new piece of mind in his relationships. Both actors show rear nudity for their sex scene. Jon Paul Phillips is no stranger to 25 Days of Gays, given his starring performance in Kept Boy.

Soapy Sunday: Paul Telfer on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Paul Telfer is back on Days of Our Lives as troublemaker Xander Kiriakis. He last ditched his shirt on the daytime drama for his return stint last May. Now, one year later, he's back and wasting no time in stripping down. He was clad in nothing but swim trunks for the May 24th episode, where he made himself at home in the Kiriakis mansion, annoying his family members by weighing-in on his cousin Sonny's new legal trouble. Speaking of Sonny (played by Freddie Smith), he discovered Leo's (played by Greg Rikaart) true intentions this week when he was served legal papers revealing Leo's plans to sue him for sexual harassment. That came after the two canoodled in public with some kissing in the May 23rd episode.

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

Matt Cohen is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. He spent the entire May 24th episode showing skin on General Hospital, as his character Griffin had a drunken fling with his girlfriend Ava's daughter, Kiki, after the couple had a fight. Their love scene began during a montage that ended the May 23rd episode and the two woke up in bed together the next day, with Ava knocking at Griffin's door. He got his dress shirt back on, but never bothered to button it up. He ended that episode emerging from a shower to find Ava looking to get a piece of his body, unaware of his affair.

May 26, 2018

Russell Tovey & Jake McLaughlin on Quantico (2018)

The third season of the ABC drama Quantico has been sorely lacking in skin from the male cast compared to seasons past. With the recent announcement of the show's cancellation, there is little hope of rebounding in the skin department for a show that was previously ABC's MVP in terms of male skin. This week the show managed to get cast member Russell Tovey stripped down to his skimpy undies. His character undressed to prove he wasn't hiding anything during a standoff. While his chest looked great, there was an ominous shadow preventing any good looks at Russell's goods, which must have been too hot for television. Last week's episode featured some brief skin from his co-star Jake McLaughlin after his character was injured.

Rob Heaps on Imposters (2018)

Rob Heaps got out of his shirt once again on this week's new episode of the Bravo crime series Imposters. Rob's character, Ezra, fell into bed again with leading lady Maddie during the eighth episode of the second season. His shirt came off for their love scene and the bed scene that followed, as Ezra came to a quick realization that sleeping with Maddie was not a good idea, leading him to rush to put his clothes on.

25 Days of Gays: Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)

Otto; or, Up with Dead People is a German film from writer/director Bruce La Bruce (Gerontophilia) that tells the story of Otto (played by Jey Cristar), a young zombie who wanders through the city until he finds himself cast in a movie by a filmmaker struggling to finish her previous film, a political zombie peace. Along the way, Otto begins to piece together part of his former life among the living, while realizing that being different is making him more attractive to other men. The film features frontal nudity from Jey and his co-stars Marcel Schlutt (Men to Kiss), Mo and Christophe Chemin. A group of extras shows nudity for their roles as actors in the zombie movie's climactic orgy sequence.

Charlie DePew on Famous in Love (2018)

Charlie DePew got a brief shirtless scene on this week's new episode of Famous in Love. Episode 9 of the second season of the Freeform drama found his character, Jake, getting a visit from his friend Billy. He changes shirts, leading to an uncomfortable moment for Billy, who looks away to avoid her growing romantic interest in Jake. Unfortunately, the scene is extremely brief.

May 24, 2018

25 Days of Gays: Meth Head (2013)

The award-winning film, inspired by a true story, Meth Head centers on Kyle (played by Lukas Haas), a young man discontent with his job and life with his love Julian (played by Wilson Cruz). A night of partying leads him to Maia and Dusty (played by Blake Berris) and crystal meth. His addiction leads to him losing everything. He shacks up with his new friends and proceeds to do whatever it takes to get more drugs, with Dusty's help. The film features nudity from Lukas, and an uncredited David Arquette. There's also partial nudity from Deadlee, as Mannie, a dangerous man that Kyle & Dusty cross paths with. Blake Berris, Wilson Cruz and Theo Rossi all appear shirtless.

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