Dec 9, 2018

A.J. Lewis in How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2018)

The '70s-themed How to Talk to Girls at Parties centers on Enn, a teen punk rock fan who teams up with his pals John and Vic (played by A.J. Lewis) to infiltrate a London party, only to discover a strange cult, harboring a repressed alien who falls in love with him. Vic gets into the spirit with the cult and is convinced to explore some kinky sex-play. He's shirtless for the sequence.

Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

Paul Rudd returned to his Marvel role of Scott Lang for this year's Ant-Man and the Wasp. The film caught up with his character while he was on house arrest, stemming from his role in Captain America: Civil War. Early in the film, viewers are treated to his routine as he remains home-bound. This included a hot bath. He stripped out of his shirt for the scene, showing off his ripped body, as he did in the first Ant-Man film.

Soapy Sunday: Lamon Archey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Lamon Archey was back in a towel on Days of Our Lives this week. In a scene that was practically a retread of his last shirtless scene in the November 19th episode, his character Eli emerged from a shower to find his desired love interest Lani with his old friend Sheila there to get between the two, implying to Lani that they had been showering together. An annoyed Lani departed and Eli confronted Sheila about lying to her, though she claimed to only be showing him how jealous Lani is.

Dec 8, 2018

Josh Kelly, Jason Lewis & Dylan Bruce on Midnight, Texas (2018)

Episode 6 of the new season of NBC's Midnight, Texas featured more skin. The demon hunting duo of Walker (played by Josh Kelly) and Joe (played by Jason Lewis) continued to spend time together after Joe revealed to his husband Chuy that he had returned to demon hunting, which Chuy supported. After Joe used his power to see Walker's traumatic childhood encounter with a demon, the two felt more emotionally connected and Walker surprised Joe with a kiss. Their sexual tension was unavoidable and the two had sex off-screen. Both actors were shirtless for the scene that followed. Things grew more tense when Chuy learned of their partnership and Walker's feelings for Joe, causing his demon side to be unleashed. Cast member Dylan Bruce was also shirtless as his character Bobo got back on track romantically with his lady love Fiji. After realizing her curse was truly broken, she ripped his shirt off and took him to bed.

Yani Gellman & Grant Show on Dynasty (2018)

This week's new episode of the CW drama Dynasty featured Yani Gellman in multiple states of undress. Yani guest starred as Manny, the new male nanny for "Little Blake," the seemingly abandoned child taken in by Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente). Early in the episode, Manny removed his shirt to help calm the crying baby, as Sam enjoyed the view. With Sam missing his hubby Steven, Manny later looked to help lift his spirits. He emerged from the pool revealing his skimpy red trunks, further catching Sam's attention. Later, Sam entered Manny's room and he proceeded to strip down to his undies. Sam stopped him when he went in for a kiss, realizing that he couldn't cheat on his husband, despite his absence. The encounter led him to fire Manny. Meanwhile, cast member Grant Show was also shirtless, as he appeared in a towel for a brief scene late in the episode.

Alan Ritchson on DC's Titans (2018)

The DC comics streaming series Titans featured some male nudity this week. Episode 9 of the series provided an origin story for heroes Hawk (played by Alan Ritchson) and Dove. It included flashbacks to how the two characters met and became romantically involved, bonding over their shared family trauma. The flashbacks provided some chances for Alan to show off his great chest. He also showed some rear nudity as the two took their relationship to another level, and stripped down in front of each other. Unfortunately, the scene was very dark.

Dec 7, 2018

Happy Birthday, Nicholas Hoult!

Nicholas Hoult celebrates his 29th birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Nicholas is no stranger to the blog, thanks to his previous starring roles in the films Newness and A Single Man. The latter film featured Nicholas in a rear nude scene. He also showed some brief nudity in the crime comedy Kill Your Friends, where he played Steven Stelfox, a man whose life seems to spiral out of control thanks to his role in the music industry. In honor of his big day, the blog looks back at the film, which showed off Nicholas' hot bod in several scenes, including a threesome involving his co-star Dustin Demri-Burns.

Dec 6, 2018

K.J. Apa on Riverdale (2018)

For the seventh episode in a row this season, K.J. Apa ditched his shirt on Riverdale. After his character Archie's choice to leave the titular town last week, his journey alongside his pal Jughead led them to a remote farm, where they encountered two young women. In an effort to repay their kindness, Archie stripped down to help out on the farm. He was topless for multiple scenes.

Michael Evans Behling, Hunter Clowdus & Daniel Ezra on All American (2018)

After five straight weeks, the new CW teen drama All American took a week off when it came to skin last week. However the show got back to its skin-baring roots this week with Episode 7, which featured multiple shirtless scenes. Cast member Michael Evans Behling appeared in his underwear near the end of the episode as his character, Jordan, gave in to temptation with his new love interest. They hit the beach after the big homecoming dance and his shirt and pants came off for the occasion. Recurring actor Hunter Clowdus showed off his great chest once again early in the episode, as his character JJ was shirtless during a locker room pep talk. Leading man Daniel Ezra was also shirtless at the start of the episode, as his character was shown working out topless as part of the opening montage.

Paul Wesley on Tell Me a Story (2018)

Another hunk bit the dust on this week's new episode of the fairy tale-inspired thriller Tell Me a Story. Cast member Paul Wesley got out of his shirt and pants for the first time since the show's very first episode. Episode 6 got his character, Eddie, in another bed scene. This time, it was after an off-screen sex scene. He appeared in just boxer briefs for the lengthy scene. Unfortunately, by the end of the episode Eddie was left dead, like several other hunks before him.

Dec 5, 2018

Jimmy Tatro on The Guest Book (2018)

Jimmy Tatro was shirtless again on this week's new episode of the TBS comedy, The Guest Book. His character, Bodhi, was topless as he got a visit from bad girl Vivian, spilling the secret that Bodhi is the father of her co-worker Nikki's baby after their drunken night, previously featured here on the blog thanks to Jimmy's butt. Vivian tries to convince him to leave town with her so she can have him all to herself, but he doesn't have any desire to run away from being a father, leading her to an even bigger scheme.

Dec 4, 2018

Nolan Gerard Funk on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2018)

Nolan Gerard Funk took his hot body to the new season of the Amazon Prime original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Episode 4 of the second season found leading lady Midge headed off for a vacation with her parents. Nolan appeared as Josh, a lifeguard at the resort who crosses paths with Midge in a couple scenes. His wardrobe for the role consisted of very tight red swim trunks and not much else in all of his scenes. He returned in Episode 6 back in his lifeguard attire as Midge's friend and manager Susie infiltrated the resort's group of employees. She arrived to discover they've all been looking for her. She gets some attention from Josh who checks her vital signs while topless.

GayTV Recap: DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Episode 4x7)

This week's episode of the DC comics series Legends of Tomorrow put some focus on John Constantine's past. John (played by Matt Ryan) began the episode with an erotic dream with a male lover, only to be awakened by his Legends colleague and enemy Charlie, still blaming him for the loss of her shapeshifting powers, which she discovers may still be deep within her. He urges her to leave him alone, as he clutches a medallion bearing some major importance to him.

Stephen Amell on Arrow (2018)

This week's new episode of Arrow got leading man Stephen Amell out of his shirt for his first two scenes of the hour. Season 7's eighth episode found his character, Oliver, settling in back home after being released from prison. He was shown showering only to be caught off-guard by his wife Felicity's attempt to check on him, thanks to his prison trauma. The scene that followed found the two having a discussion in the bedroom which ended with them getting romantic and Oliver's shirt coming off.

Dec 2, 2018

GayTV Recap: General Hospital (Episodes 14167-14212)

There's been lots of baby drama in recent months for General Hospital's resident gays, Brad and Lucas. Episode 14167 found doctor Lucas (played by Ryan Carnes) at the hospital with his adopted infant son, Wiley, after his first check-up. He ran into his sister Carly and his nephew Michael. When he got called away to see a patient, Carly & Michael volunteered to watch Wiley. Carly wondered if being around the baby might bring up sad feelings for Michael given the loss of his own child, not realizing that Wiley is the baby that Michael believes he lost.

GayTV Recap: Days of Our Lives (Episodes 54x42-48)

The gays of Days of Our Lives got major screentime recently, thanks to some major developments in their storylines. Episode 54x42 began with Will (played by Chandler Massey) happy to hear that his grandmother Marlena was being released from the hospital. He then told her and her husband John about his break-up with Paul and reunion with Sonny (played by Freddie Smith). Meanwhile, Paul (played by Christopher Sean) met with his brother Brady and revealed his plans to leave Salem, surprising him.

Soapy Sunday: Jordi Vilasuso on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The November 26th episode of The Young & the Restless featured Jordi Vilasuso shirtless for the entire hour. His character, Rey, continued to struggle with his marital drama given the arrival of his estranged wife Mia. The two continue to teeter between romance and conflict. They made it to the bed during this episode, but as things got steamy, it soon turned to drama. Thankfully, Jordi remained shirtless even for the aftermath.

Soapy Sunday: Joshua Morrow on The Young & the Restless (2018)

The Young & the Restless continues to get veteran soap hunk Joshua Morrow shirtless. The November 26th episode of the daytime drama found his character, Nick, getting very comfortable in his new home with his former wife Phyllis. After an off-screen romp, he lounged on the couch shirtless until the arrival of his other former wife, Sharon. She was surprised and annoyed to discover that the duo had reunited romantically and made a hasty exit.

Dec 1, 2018

François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce & Peter Mensah on Midnight, Texas (2018)

This week's new episode of the NBC supernatural drama Midnight, Texas, once again featured some skin from the male cast. Leading man François Arnaud began the episode shirtless, as his character Manfred woke up in bed with his new love interest Patience, facing the fact that he was now in an affair with a married woman. That didn't stop them from getting steamy once again to end the scene. In other drama, Dylan Bruce got an implied nude scene as his character Bobo was transformed back into his human form naked after being turned into a dog by his love Fiji in order to protect him from her family's curse. Peter Mensah was shirtless for his last scene, as his character Lem enjoyed the perks of no longer being a vampire by joining his wife Olivia in bed.

Grant Show on Dynasty (2018)

Episode 7 of The CW drama Dynasty's second season got leading man Grant Show shirtless briefly. His character, Blake Carrington, began the episode in bed after having slept with his dead wife Cristal's old friend (the real) Cristal. He showed off his chest for their bed scene, before getting dressed to deal with the week's drama.

Michael Cudlitz on The Kids Are Alright (2018)

Leading man Michael Cudlitz got out of his shirt on this week's new episode of the ABC '70s-themed family comedy The Kids Are Alright. Michael plays Mike, the patriarch of the Cleary clan. Episode 6 of the new series featured him in a random shirtless scene as Mike and his wife Peggy dealt with their suspicions that their son Eddie (played by Caleb Foote) was sexually active with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the scene was pretty brief. Michael follows in Caleb's footsteps, as he was previously featured on the blog for his towel scene back in Episode 2.

Nov 29, 2018

Rarmian Newton & Billy Magnussen on Tell Me a Story (2018)

This week's new episode of the CBS All-Access drama Tell Me a Story killed off another of the show's hot hunks. Episode 5 was the final one for recurring actor Rarmian Newton. His character, Ethan, drew the wrath of his teacher, Nick (played by Billy Magnussen), after revealing photos he took of Nick's inappropriate relationship with his classmate Kayla. Rarmian spent all of his screentime wearing just his boxer briefs. Not to be left out of the skin, Billy began the episode shirtless and later stripped out of his bloody clothes to clean up his crime scene and hit the shower, leading to some rear nudity.

K.J. Apa on Riverdale (2018)

Episode 6 of Riverdale's third season was also the sixth episode in a row to get leading man K.J. Apa shirtless. His character, Archie, began the episode continuing to recover from his stab wound, which of course, required him to be topless. His second scene of the episode kept him out of his shirt as he spent some time in bed with his girlfriend Veronica. While he did finally get dressed after that, he still managed to show off his abs for scenes dealing with his injury.

Nov 27, 2018

Ryan Guzman on 9-1-1 (2018)

The tenth blog post for the FOX drama 9-1-1 is also Ryan Guzman's tenth post on the blog and covers Episode 10 of Season 2 of the series. Ryan was shirtless for his first scene of the Christmas-themed episode. His character, Eddie, is shown to have rekindled his romance with his estranged wife. They got a post-sex bed scene and Ryan's body remained on display as he got dressed, before the arrival of his son Christopher, whom he hadn't told about his mother's return. Ryan Guzman proved to once again be a perfect 10.

Eric Bana on Dirty John (2018)

The new Bravo drama series Dirty John centers on interior designer Debra (played by Connie Britton), a successful mother looking for love when she meets charming doctor John (played by Eric Bana). The two hit it off immediately, to the dismay of Debra's daughters. Unfortunately for Debra, John appears to be harboring some dark motives. The first episode got leading man Eric Bana shirtless for a bed scene, after John & Debra have sex.

Matt Ryan on DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2018)

Matt Ryan was featured in an implied nude scene on this week's new episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Episode 6 of the fourth season of the DC comics series found his character, John Constantine, interrupted in his first scene as he took part in some naked yoga. He shows no discomfort at being seen in the buff, though any real nudity was obstructed for viewers.

Happy Birthday, Ricardo Hoyos!

Canadian cutie Ricardo Hoyos celebrates his 23rd birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Ricardo is best known for playing Zig Novak on Degrassi: The Next Generation and its spinoff Degrassi: Next Class. That role got him previously featured here on the blog last year. Ricardo is now moving on to bigger roles, including one in the upcoming Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee. He flexed his movie muscle in the Lifetime original The Wrong Crush. The role got him out of his shirt and his birthday is the perfect time to revisit the television movie.

Nov 25, 2018

Binge Skin: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Season 1

The Amazon Prime original drama Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan stars blog favorite John Krasinski as the titular CIA analyst who stumbles upon evidence of a major plot that pulls him from his desk job and thrusts him into a field position. The first season of the series featured John's great chest in multiple episodes. He also got a shower scene showing rear nudity in Episode 4. There were also shirtless scenes for Ali Suliman and previous blog subjects Haaz Sleiman (Those People) and John Magaro (Unbroken).

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

General Hospital continues to find reasons to get Matt Cohen out of his clothes. This week, his character Griffin was the victim of plotting by his ex-girlfriend Ava, looking to disrupt his new relationship with her daughter Kiki. She set him up to be found in bed with another woman by Kiki. The plan appeared to work as Kiki arrived to find Griffin naked in bed with Sasha. He jumped out of the bed, realizing he was not wearing any clothes, though the camera stayed above the waist for the implied nude scene.

Soapy Sunday: Joshua Morrow on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Joshua Morrow got out of his shirt again this week on The Young & the Restless. His character, Nick, showed off his new home to his new bed buddy (and ex-wife) Phyllis during the November 21st episode. After the tour, Phyllis accepts his offer to move-in with him, officially putting their romantic relationship back on. The two hit the sheets, showing off a bit of the new bedroom. Joshua was shirtless for the love scene at the end of the episode.

Soapy Sunday: Lamon Archey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Lamon Archey is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. Days of Our Lives got the actor of out of his shirt for the first time since February. His character, Eli began the November 19th episode in just a towel as he got a visit from his police partner Lani. What follows is the classic trope of misunderstanding as she walks into his room just as his old acquaintance Sheila emerges from the bathroom drying off. Lani immediately assumes the two have gotten steamy, which draws Eli's interest as he wonders if she's jealous.

Nov 22, 2018

Billy Magnussen & Rarmian Newton on Tell Me a Story (2018)

The CBS All-Access drama Tell Me a Story continues to feature male skin. Episode 4 featured rear nude scenes for cast member Billy Magnussen and recurring actor Rarmian Newton. Both actors are part of the Little Red Riding Hood-inspired storyline, centered on high schooler Kayla who is having an affair with her teacher (played by Billy), while being aggressively pursued by her classmate Ethan (played by Rarmian). This week's episode opened with a bed scene for Billy. He emerged from the bed naked to put on his pants. Late in the episode, Ethan returned to the hot tub with Kayla's best pal Laney. Her top came off and his shorts followed suit, leading to some rear nudity as the two kissed in the water.

Rhys Wakefield & Nathan Keyes in The Grand Son (2018)

The thriller The Grand Son (aka American Pets) tells the story of carefree siblings Tod and Lani, living in the Hollywood mansion of their grandmother Judy, a former movie star hosting a home shopping series. When Tod (played by Rhys Wakefield) kills Judy in what appears to be a gun accident, he goes out of his way to cover-up the crime to keep his decadent lifestyle in tact, evading the suspicions of young handyman Jacob (played by Nathan Keyes) who romances Lani. Rhys got multiple shirtless scenes in the movie, along with a scene of rear nudity as he approaches a window where Jacob sees him showering. Nathan is also shirtless late in the film for a confrontation with Tod, and for a bed scene which ends in him being arrested as part of Tod's plot.

Ansel Elgort in Billionaire Boys Club (2018)

The true-crime remake of Billionaire Boys Club stars Ansel Elgort and Taron Egerton as a duo who establish a money-making scam in the 1980s with their friends that ultimately turns deadly. Ansel got out of his shirt for a couple of scenes. His character, Joe Hunt, ditches his shirt for a brainstorming session in his apartment, and as he pitches his idea to Dean Karny (played by Taron). He was shirtless again later in the film for a love scene.

Nov 19, 2018

Paul Dano on Escape at Dannemora (2018)

The new Showtime miniseries Escape at Dannemora tells the story of Tilly, a prison employee who becomes involved with two inmates and helps them escape. Episode 1 featured some rear nudity for Paul Dano, who plays one of the two prisoners, David. The nude scene reveals his sexual relationship with Tilly. His butt is on display for their sex scene.

Nov 18, 2018

GayTV Recap: Days of Our Lives (Episodes 54x37-39)

Things reached a major climax for the gays of Days of Our Lives this week. Episode 56x37 opened with Will (played by Chandler Massey) and Paul (played by Christopher Sean) arriving at their new apartment only to discover that none of their furniture had arrived. Will freaked out, but Paul stepped in, knowing he could solve the problem by calling in a favor.

Soapy Sunday: Jordi Vilasuso on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Jordi Vilasuso is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week. He opened the November 14th episode of The Young & the Restless shirtless as his character, Rey, emerged from the bedroom to find his wife Mia attempting to provide some domestic bliss for his morning. While he didn't seem very happy with her efforts, he didn't rush to put on a shirt, to the delight of viewers. Unfortunately, he was shirtless for just one scene.

Soapy Sunday: Lucas Adams on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Lucas Adams continues to rack up shirtless screentime on Days of Our Lives, thanks to his current love story. His character, Tripp, spent some quality time under the sheets with his girlfriend Ciara again during the November 16th episode. He was shirtless for the occasion, as the two discussed the news that Ciara's former friend Wyatt had confessed to framing Ben, a crime actually committed by Tripp. He looked to take her mind off the news with some love-making. As a result, Lucas was shirtless for the majority of the episode.

Soapy Sunday: Matt Cohen on General Hospital (2018)

The blog catches up with Matt Cohen on General Hospital. The actor appeared in his underwear during the November 9th episode. His character, Griffin, got romantic with his new love Kiki on the couch before things moved to the bedroom. He emerged in his underwear to find new arrival Sasha with a glass of water. He apologized for not being dressed, but Sasha seemed to flirt with him, pressing her glass against his neck. Kiki showed up, causing Sasha to make a quick exit. Kiki shared that she was not happy with Sasha's open flirting with Griffin.

Nov 17, 2018

GayTV Recap: Grey's Anatomy (Episode 15x8)

This week's new episode of Grey's Anatomy picked up the storyline involving intern Levi Schmitt (played by Jake Borelli) and surgical fellow Nico Kim (played by Alex Landi). A major windstorm descends on the city, leaving the Grey-Sloan Memorial staff bracing for the storm and a huge influx of patients. When Levi was assigned to help Nico manage the patients in the hospital's next door clinic, it forced the two to work together. Levi made it clear that he didn't want Nico's assistance given the way he treated him after their elevator kiss.

K.J. Apa & Eli Goree on Riverdale (2018)

Leading man K.J. Apa was stripped down once again on this week's new episode of Riverdale. Episode 5 of the third season found Archie (played by K.J.) attempting to escape from juvenile detention, as his situation grew worse. A failed escape attempt early in the episode, led to him being tied down and branded by the warden while shirtless. He was topless again later for another forced fight and locker room reunion with his disguised girlfriend Veronica. Her escape plot led to his release and he got patched up while in hiding, leading his shirt to come off once again. Archie's wound was inflicted by his prison pal Joaquin (played by Rob Raco) who betrayed him after surprising him with a kiss. He stabbed Archie, revealing it was his only way of escape. Eli Goree returned in the episode as Mad Dog, Archie's former cellmate, who was his final opponent and helped him facilitate his escape by holding off the guards during their fight. He was shirtless for the entirety of his appearance.

Rafael de la Fuente, Robert Christopher Riley & Grant Show on Dynasty (2018)

Episode 6 of the new season of the CW drama Dynasty featured some male skin. Robert Christopher Riley was shirtless for his first scene as he got out of his shirt for another bedroom scene. His character, Michael, interacted with his lady love Fallon. Later, at a celebration in the house, Fallon walked in on her father Blake (played by Grant Show) shirtless as he was getting steamy with his new love interest Cristal. An accident at the party later leads Fallon to go on a twisted Wizard of Oz-themed dream trip where she encounters her two romantic interests, Michael & Liam (played by Adam Huber), as the Tin Man & Scarecrow. Rafael de la Fuente's character Sam also appears in the dream sequence as a version of the Cowardly Lion, whom they come upon as he's doing a sexy dance routine.

Luke Guldan, Billy Magnussen & James Wolk on Tell Me a Story (2018)

This week's new episode of the CBS All-Access series Tell Me a Story proved to be the final one for recurring actor Luke Guldan. His character, Billy, is shirtless as he's confronted by his roommate Gabe (played by Davi Santos). The two have a falling out given the death that Billy caused, which he left Gabe to deal with. Later, Gabe returns to find a naked Billy dead in the bathtub, having been murdered. Billy Magnussen shows a bit of skin near the end of the episode as he is stripped of his sweater by his teen love Kayla. James Wolk was partially naked for another shower scene. His character continues to keep clean, while dealing with his grief.

Cody Christian & Daniel Ezra on All American (2018)

The new CW series All American continues to undress its male cast. The show's brewing love triangle between Spencer (played by Daniel Ezra), Leila & Asher (played by Cody Christian) got some screentime this week, thanks to Spencer's birthday. Daniel was shirtless for his first scene as he woke up to a birthday call from his mother. Cody was shirtless as well for a pool sequence, as Asher took a swim with Leila.

Jimmy Tatro on The Guest Book (2018)

Episode 5 of the second season of The Guest Book got cast member Jimmy Tatro shirtless once again. His character Bodhi continued to deal with the loss of his van/home after a fire. Waitress Vivian found him cleaning up in the diner bathroom and saw the opportunity to get closer to his hotness. She invited him to stay at her apartment. She then planted a camera in the bathroom to spy on him. When he found the camera and asked her about it, she covered, blaming the store where she bought it. Bodhi assumed it was some guy looking to spy on women. His gullible nature led him to volunteer to masturbate in front of the camera to give the male pervert something he wouldn't expect as punishment. Of course, this left bad girl Vivian thrilled.

Rome Flynn on How to Get Away With Murder (2018)

This week's fall finale of How to Get Away With Murder reached the events of the previously-teased flash-forwards with all of the characters in position to reveal the full story and deadly fate of one. Rome Flynn started the episode shirtless, as he prepared to get dressed for Connor & Oliver's wedding. Speaking of the wedding, Connor (played by Jack Falahee) & Oliver (played by Conrad Ricamora) played a major part in the episode thanks to the event. Forced to play nice with Connor's (also gay) father who agreed to fund the event so that Connor could give Oliver his dream wedding, the grooms revealed they wouldn't be going so far as to forgive him for previously attempting to break them up, despite his seeming change of heart. Connor & Oliver woke up together and began to get steamy under the covers, until they were interrupted. Connor went out of his way to convince his mentor Annalise to attend after she declined. After making it down the aisle and reciting their vows, they were pronounced married. At the reception, Oliver seemingly disappeared after a call from his own father, surprising a worried Connor with a song that he performed in front of everyone.

Nov 15, 2018

Binge Skin: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Season 1

Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is from the creator behind The CW's Riverdale. The series is a dark take on the Sabrina: The Teenage Witch comics series. It centers on teenage Sabrina coming to terms with her half-human, half-witch existence, as supernatural forces challenge her family and friends. The firstborn season featured multiple shirtless scenes for cast members Ross Lynch and Chance Perdomo, with Ross playing Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey and Chance playing her pansexual warlock cousin Ambrose. Recurring actor Gavin Leatherwood also shows off his chest. Ambrose's sexuality leads to some gay moments, as he gets a boyfriend in Luke (played by Darren Mann). Episode 2 gets the school jocks stripped down to the underwear as Sabrina calls upon magic to serve up some punishment for their bullying. Ty Wood, Aaron Hale, Kavandeep Hayre & Peter Bundic are shirtless for the sequence.

Nov 14, 2018

Chris Pine in Outlaw King (2018)

Chris Pine stars in the new Netflix release Outlaw King. Chris plays Robert the Bruce, the Scottish warrior dubbed the "Outlaw King" by the 14th Century English Empire when he builds an army to fight a rebellion against the empire. Chris got his first nude scenes for the film. He shows rear nudity for a love scene and later shows some brief frontal nudity as his character bathes in the water.

Nov 13, 2018

Michael Angarano & Patrick Gibson in In a Relationship (2018)

The film In a Relationship chronicles the ups and downs that occur when Hallie and Owen (played by Michael Angarano) seem to reach a breaking point in their long-term relationship, just as their respective best friends Willa and Matt (played by Patrick Gibson) begin a romance of their own. Given the plot, the film features several love scenes and rear nudity from Michael and Patrick. Michael shows his butt for a sex scene and later strips naked to handle laundry. Patrick also gets a couple of rear nude moments for sex scenes. Both actors get some shirtless screentime as well.

Nov 12, 2018

GayTV Recap: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 4x5)

Episode 5 of the CW musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's final season put some focus on the "crazy" ex-boyfriends, Darryl (played by Pete Gardner) and Joshua (played by David Hull). The episode revealed that the two have been spending lots of their free time hanging out together, despite having broken up. Josh wondered if it might be weird, but Darryl quickly dismissed it, given that both of them know they are just friends.

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