Feb 25, 2018

Soapy Sunday: Jason Thompson on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Jason Thompson's last shirtless scene on The Young & the Restless came in late December. He got out of his shirt rather randomly this week. The February 22nd episode featured Phyllis arriving home in a huff to find her love Billy (played by Jason) topless. The didn't stay shirtless for long, as Phyllis filled him in on the latest drama she's gotten herself into.

Feb 24, 2018

Ben Sinclair on High Maintenance (2018)

Leading man Ben Sinclair got his first nude scene on the HBO drama High Maintenance this week. With his character, The Guy, sidelined after a bike injury, he spent most of the sixth episode of the second season in his apartment. He enlisted a pal to handle his deliveries and emerged from the bathroom to answer a text while naked. He showed rear nudity for the scene. His frontal nudity was unfortunately filmed out of focus.

Happy Birthday, Wilson Bethel!

Wilson Bethel celebrates his 34th birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Wilson is known for his starring roles on Generation Kill, The Young & the Restless, and his recurring role on How to Get Away With Murder. Wilson was most recently seen guest starring on the Netflix series Daredevil. In honor of his big day, the blog returns to Wilson's most notable role, as the gorgeous Wade on the CW series Hart of Dixie where he spent four years capturing the heart of leading lady Zoe, as well as viewers everywhere. Season 2 of the series put his hot body to great use, as you can see below.

Feb 23, 2018

Charles Esten on Nashville (2018)

Charles Esten got a shirtless scene during this week's new episode of the CMT musical drama Nashville. With the series heading towards it's end, Season 6 continued with the eighth episode. Charles was shirtless for his first scene which found his character, Deacon, having consummated his relationship with Jessie between episodes. The two were seen in bed together.

Feb 21, 2018

Cayden Boyd on Heathers (2018)

The new Paramount Network series Heathers is an adaptation of the dark comedy film from the '80s. It centers on two high schoolers who find themselves rebelling against the flock of Heathers that seemingly run their school. The first episode uses recurring actor Cayden Boyd to illustrate the controlling nature of the Heathers as they confront Cayden's character, Ram, about his shirt which they deem racist, forcing him to remove it or risk social media punishment. Cayden gets topless for the occasion, showing off his great chest.

Jake Manley in Nanny Nightmare (2017)

The Lifetime movie Nanny Nightmare centers on Lauren, a mom juggling her full-time job, young son, newborn daughter and maintaining her marriage when she crosses paths with their friendly and unassuming young neighbor Owen (played by Jake Manley) who appears to be the perfect nanny. Unfortunately, Owen soon becomes obsessed with Lauren and looks to crush her fragile marriage and become the man he thinks Lauren needs for her family. Jake got multiple shirtless scenes as Owen plays handyman and later seduces the assistant of Lauren's husband in order to get compromising photos. Jake revealed a bit more the last time he was on the blog for his rear nudity on Casual.

Feb 20, 2018

Happy Birthday, Miles Teller!

Miles Teller celebrates his 31st birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Miles is no stranger to the blog. He was last featured for the bit of buns he showed in 21 & Over and Get a Job. He once again showed off his butt in a thong early in the boxing biopic Bleed for This where he played Vinny Pazienza. His body looked amazing for the film and his big day today is the perfect time to look back at the film for all of the great Miles skin.

Feb 19, 2018

Raymond Lee, Daniel Zovatto, Andy Bean & Craig Ng on Here and Now (2018)

Episode 2 of the new HBO family drama Here and Now featured more skin from the male cast. Raymond Lee got his first rear nude scene on the series as his character, Duc, blows off steam while on a work trip, foregoing his vow of celibacy to have sex with several different women as he struggles with memories of his childhood. His co-stars Daniel Zovatto & Andy Bean showed off their chests for a couple of scenes as their characters continued to get to know one another, finding their hookup turning into something more. There was also some brief side nudity from guest star Craig Ng, who is seen in flashbacks playing a Vietnamese fisherman who pays for sex with Duc's mother.

Feb 18, 2018

Leo Howard on Freakish (2017)

Leo Howard stars on the Hulu teen horror series Freakish, which centers on a group of students who take refuge in their high school after a chemical plant explosion causes a viral outbreak that turns the town's residents into mutants. After two seasons, the series finally got leading man Leo to show off his great chest in the final scene of the season two finale, which found his character Grover in the clutches of a shadowy group of uninfected adults after being injured. Grover wakes up shirtless, wondering about where he is when is seemingly approached by a familiar face to end the season.

Ryan Paevey in Locked In (2017)

Ryan Paevey may have officially made his last appearance on General Hospital last week, but he's back on the blog this Sunday thanks to his starring role in the Lifetime movie Locked In. Ryan played the villain for this film, an escaped prisoner who learns of a secret stash of cash on the farm belonging to a mother and her daughter. Ryan's character, Draven, inserts himself into the lives of the women. His good samartian actions lead to a mess and he's allowed to use their shower to clean himself up. Ryan looked great for a shower scene and appeared briefly in a towel in the scene that followed. He also showed off his chest earlier in the film as he bandaged his wounded arm.

Soapy Sunday: Thad Luckinbill on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Thad Luckinbill got his best shirtless scene to-date since returning to The Young & the Restless. It took Valentine's Day to bring about a good skin scene for the actor. His character, JT, began the February 14th episode wearing only a towel as part of an opening montage showing various couples preparing to celebrate the holiday. The camera began at his waist and took viewers on a brief journey up his torso. Sadly, the scene was very brief.

Soapy Sunday: Lamon Archey on Days of Our Lives (2018)

Days of Our Lives got Lamon Archey out of his shirt once again this week. His character, Eli, hit the sheets with his girlfriend Gabi during the February 16th episode. Eli's shirt came off for the occasion. He later woke up in bed alone, only to discover that Gabi had left the room to get a glass of water. She returns uneventfully, relieving him, and the audience, as his need for a shirt went away instantly.

Soapy Sunday: Joshua Morrow on The Young & the Restless (2018)

Joshua Morrow is back in the Soapy Sunday spotlight this week as The Young & the Restless continues to get him undressed. The February 13th episode had his character, Nick, kicking off Valentine's Day a little early as things took a romantic turn for him and his lady love Chelsea early in the episode. He was shirtless in the aftermath of their living room love scene. Unfortunately, the romance was quite brief and Joshua was only shirtless for one scene.

Soapy Sunday: Jacob Young on The Bold & the Beautiful (2018)

It's been over two years since Jacob Young was featured on Soapy Sunday. The Bold & the Beautiful has kept the actor woefully over-clothed, and underused, in the time since 2015 but Valentine's Day brought romance to the residents of Los Angeles and Rick (played by Jacob) got steamy, literally, with his wife Maya as they celebrated the day together. The two hit the steam room, getting Jacob shirtless for the majority of the February 14th episode. It wasn't long before their towels came off.

Feb 17, 2018

François Arnaud in High School Lover (2017)

François Arnaud was in the news this week, thanks to the announcement that his NBC series Midnight, Texas has been renewed for a second season. François was never shy about showing off his chest on that series. Last year he also starred in the Lifetime movie High School Lover, playing B-List actor Christian Booth who crosses paths with high schooler Kelley, causing some inner demons in him to surface leading to obsession. He was shirtless for a bed scene and got a partial nude scene after emerging from a bath, with a towel covering his frontal. Tyler Alvarez also stars as Kelley's best friend Larry, who gets his own love interest in Timothy (played by Julian Elijah Martinez), a celeb friend of Christian. The two get to makeout in a few scenes.

Chad Michael Collins in Deadly Inn (2018)

The Lifetime movie Deadly Inn centers on Robin, a single mom who moves to a quiet town looking to refurbish an old Victorian home to turn it into a B&B. One of her first guests, however, turns out to have sinister intentions. Leading man Chad Michael Collins got a brief shirtless scene for his role as Drew, the contractor who helps Robin with her property transformation when sparks fly between the two. Who could blame Robin for her growing interest in Drew with him showing off his hot body while painting the house?

Feb 16, 2018

Dylan O'Brien in American Assassin (2017)

Dylan O'Brien starred in the action thriller American Assassin as Mitch Rapp, a revenge-fueled man who gets into counterterrorism out of vengeance for the death of his girlfriend. In addition to the action, Dylan also got several scenes to show off his chest. He was shirtless in his very first scene which featured Mitch and his love on the beach before she is killed. He's also shirtless in the scene that follows, showing a time jump. He's shirtless again later as part of a training montage, as he boxes a punching bag. He's shirtless for an action sequence, which begins with him being treated for a wound and ends with a fight scene. Dylan is then shirtless at the end of the film, which finds Mitch back on the beach where he emerges from the water, looking great.

Feb 15, 2018

Darren Criss, Cody Fern & Tim Drier on The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (2018)

Episode 5 of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story filled in some blanks from Episode 4 with a time jump backwards, detailing how Andrew Cunanan (played by Darren Criss) met former naval officer Jeffrey Trail (played by Finn Wittrock) and the events that ultimately led to Jeff's death. Darren's first scene of the episode featured him in nothing but bikini briefs. Cody Fern also returned reprising his role as David Madson from last week. He opens his door in an open robe, finding Cunanan on his doorstep once again. There's also a shirtless scene for Tim Drier who plays a bullied sailor whom Jeffrey comes to the aid of while on his ship in further flashbacks. The camera also lingers on an underwear-clad dancer inside a gay bar late in the episode. The episode's secondary storyline revolved around Gianni Versace's decision to come out. Versace (played by Edgar Ramírez) is supported by his boyfriend Antonio D'Amico (played by Ricky Martin). The two share a kiss during this episode.

Feb 14, 2018

Jackson Davis & Jason Lewis in Palm Swings (2017)

The drama Palm Swings centers on newlyweds Allison and Mark (played by Jackson Davis) who discover their neighbors are swingers. They are lured in by their curiosity and soon find their marriage put to the test when Allison takes more of an interest in one of the other swingers, Lance (played by Jason Lewis), meeting him for sex even without anyone else involved. Jackson gets out of his shirt for several scenes, showing off his great chest. Jason is also shirtless in multiple scenes. He also shows some brief rear nudity.

Happy Birthday, Matt Barr!

Valor star Matt Barr celebrates his birthday today, making him the man of the moment. Matt has never been shy about showing off his body and it has certainly gotten better with age. In honor of his 34th birthday, the blog looks back at his last feature film The Layover, which cast Matt as the object of lust for a pair of best friends who vie for his affections after their flight is redirected due to weather. Matt shows off his chest by the pool and briefly later for a sex scene. He also shows a bit of rear nudity during that sex scene.

Feb 13, 2018

Daniel Brühl & Douglas Smith on The Alienist (2018)

The last two episodes of the TNT period drama The Alienist featured some shirtless scenes for cast members Daniel Brühl and Douglas Smith. Episode 3 got Daniel Brühl out of his shirt just before the arrival of his character Laszlo's young housekeeper, heightening the sexual tension between the two characters. Episode 4 gave viewers a bit more from Douglas Smith, though unlike Episode 2, he was not naked for his sex scene during this week's episode. He appeared shirtless for the brief scene.

Feb 12, 2018

Daniel Zovatto, Trent Garrett, Andy Bean & Tim Robbins on Here and Now (2018)

The new HBO series Here and Now follows the Bayer-Boatwright family, a multiracial clan who find their relationships tested when family favorite Ramon (played by Daniel Zovatto) begins seeing things that no one else can. The first episode finds Ramon beginning a relationship with Henry (played by Andy Bean). The two show skin for a sex scene. Guest star Trent Garrett also shows rear nudity for a sex scene late in the episode. There's also some rear nudity from Tim Robbins who plays family patriarch Gregory.

Guy Burnet on Counterpart (2018)

The STARZ drama Counterpart centers on Howard Silk (played by J.K. Simmons), a UN employee who discovers that a parallel dimension is being hidden, leading to drama and danger. Episode 4 of the series got cast member Guy Burnet naked. His character, Alexander Pope, doesn't play a huge role in the episode. However, he makes the most of screentime as Alexander goes for a massage, requiring him to get out of his clothes. He shows rear nudity as he strips naked for the occasion, though he is interrupted by a woman who is not his masseuse.

Feb 11, 2018

Domhnall Gleeson in Crash Pad (2017)

Domhnall Gleeson got naked for the comedy Crash Pad. Domhnall plays Stensland, a romantic slacker who thinks he's found true love, only for his lady love to reveal that he's been a tool for her to get revenge on her neglectful husband. She reveals the truth in the opening scene, leading Stensland to pace around upset while naked. Domhnall gets a second rear nude scene later in the film when he wakes up in the hallway of his apartment building wearing only a shirt. Of course, he finds himself locked out just in time to be seen.

Luke Evans in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a biopic centering on psychologist William Marston and the polyamorous relationship that he and his wife had with his mistress and how that relationship inspired his creation of the iconic superhero Wonder Woman. Luke Evans played Marston and showed a bit of skin in the film. He showed off his chest in an open shirt for one love scene and later stripped naked for some romantic bondage, though the three are soon interrupted by a neighbor. Luke shows some side nudity for that scene.

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