Nov 23, 2017

Binge Skin: The Shannara Chronicles - Season 2

Season 2 of the genre series The Shannara Chronicles came to an end this week. The series made the jump from MTV to Spike, but not much changed in terms of skin. The series continued to undress it's male cast during the first seven episodes. Series star Austin Butler wasted no time ditching his shirt for a lengthy shirtless sequence in Episode 1. He was shirtless again for some bondage in Episode 3, alongside his co-star Manu Bennett. Manu showed some partial nudity in Episode 7. New cast member Gentry White got a shirtless scene in Episode 2 while returning cast members Marcus Vanco and Aaron Jakubenko also got to show off their chests. Guest star Jarred Blakiston showed a bit of nipple in Episode 6.

Episode 2x1 - Austin Butler

Episode 2x2 - Gentry White

Episode 2x2 - Aaron Jakubenko

Episode 2x3 - Manu Bennett

Episode 2x3 - Austin Butler

Episode 2x4 - Marcus Vanco

Episode 2x6 - Jarred Blakiston

Episode 2x7 - Manu Bennett


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