Jan 1, 2018

Binge Skin: Black Mirror - Season 4

Season 4 of Black Mirror featured male skin in multiple episodes. Episode 1 starred Jesse Plemens as a tech executive who casts his co-workers in his favorite virtual reality sci-fi fantasy. He strips down to his undies for a swim, while Billy Magnussen showed off his chest a bit in an open vest. Owen Teague gets shirtless in Episode 2 as Ryan, the boyfriend that provides the catalyst for the rift between a teen daughter and her mother who has implanted her with a monitoring device. Episode 4 centers on Amy and Frank (played by Joe Cole), a couple at the mercy of a dating app that puts a deadline on their relationship despite the connection they feel. Amy attempts to move on with other relationships leading to shirtless moments for George Blagden, Alex Tamaro, Che Watson and Tim Pritchett. There's also a sex scene for Joe showing partial rear nudity. Episode 6 features nudity from Daniel Lapaine in two sex scenes for his role as a doctor who experiences emotions from those around him.

Episode 4x1 - Jesse Plemens

Episode 4x1 - Billy Magnussen

Episode 4x2 - Owen Teague

Episode 4x4 - George Blagden

Episode 4x4 - Joe Cole

Episode 4x4 - Alex Tamaro

Episode 4x4 - Che Watson

Episode 4x4 - Tim Pritchett

Episode 4x6 - Daniel Lapaine


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