Jan 9, 2018

Binge Skin: Marvel's Runaways - Season 1

Marvel's latest series Runaways ended its first season on Hulu this week. The series centers around six teens who come together after discovering their parents are part of a mysterious group with sinister intentions. Gregg Sulkin stars as one of those teens, Chase. Of course, the series got him out of his shirt. He showed off his chest in Episode 1 and Episode 9. The teens' parents include James Yaegashi, Kip Pardue & James Marsters. Yaegashi got a brief shirtless scene in Episode 3 before stripping down to his underwear in Episode 8, which also featured some brief looks at a shirtless Marsters. Kip was shirtless during Episode 5. The series also featured some side nudity from guest star Josh Pafchek in Episode 6.

Episode 1x1 - Gregg Sulkin

Episode 1x3 - James Yaegashi

Episode 1x5 - Kip Pardue

Episode 1x6 - Josh Pafchek

Episode 1x8 - James Yaegashi

Episode 1x8 - James Marsters

Episode 1x9 - Gregg Sulkin


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