Sep 18, 2015

25 Days of Gays: The Third One (2014)

The Third One (El tercero) is a gay film from Argentina that follows the story of a young man, Fede (played by Emiliano Dionisi) who meets an older couple during an online chat. Their relationship grows to the point that Fede is invited to join the couple for a threesome. Hernán (played by Carlos Echevarría) and Franco (played by Nicolás Armengol) are a happy couple that broadens their horizons, along with young Fede. Their connection culminates in an erotic sexual encounter that leaves all three positively changed by the experience. The film's climax features rear nudity from Nicolas, and gay film veteran Carlos Echevarría (see: Solo, Absent). Emiliano gets a partial rear nude shower scene in addition to several shirtless scenes.

Emiliano Dionisi

Nicolás Armengol

Carlos Echevarría


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