Oct 2, 2016

Binge Skin: Dead of Summer - Season 1

The supernatural Freeform series Dead of Summer ended its first season in August. Taking place in the '80s, the series centered around a group of teen camp counselors who discover the ancient, and dangerous mythology surrounding Camp Stillwater has awakened in the present, leading to demonic drama and death. Given the setting at a summer camp, it's no surprise that the show's male cast found reasons to get out of their shirts throughout the season. There were multiple shirtless moments featuring main cast members Ronen Rubinstein and Eli Goree. Recurring actors Andrew J. West and Zachary Gordon also got shirtless scenes.

Episode 1x1 - Ronen Rubinstein

Episode 1x1 - Zachary Gordon

Episode 1x1 - Eli Goree

Episode 1x2 - Ronen Rubinstein

Episode 1x3 - Eli Goree

Episode 1x4 - Eli Goree

Episode 1x8 - Ronen Rubinstein

Episode 1x8 - Andrew J. West


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