Sep 21, 2014

25 Days of Gays: Hollywood, je t'aime (2009)

The comedy Hollywood, je t'aime follows Frenchman, Jerome (played by Eric Debets) who is left depressed and alone after he is dumped by his love, Gilles (played by Jonathan Blanc). Fed up with the harsh winter and upset to see Gilles has moved on quickly with Henri (played by Donovan McGrath), Jerome is lured to Hollywood, deciding to become an actor. Once there, he meets colorful characters and endures a tough lifestyle as he tries to make it, leading him to realize there's no place like home. Eric Debets shows both rear and frontal nudity in a few scenes of the film. Jonathan Blanc & Donovan McGrath appear naked early in the film. The film also features Scott Romstadt and Jake Olson in shirtless scenes. A visit to an L.A. bathhouse also leads to shots of several uncredited nude extras.

Eric Debets

Jonathan Blanc

Scott Romstadt

Jake Olson

Donovan McGrath

Naked Extras


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