Feb 5, 2018

Binge Skin: Altered Carbon - Season 1

The Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon takes place in a world where consciousness can be downloaded and stored in various human forms, known as sleeves. The series centers on Kovacs (played by Joel Kinnaman), a prisoner who awakens in a new body and learns that his freedom depends on solving a high-profile murder. Joel shows skin throughout the series, including several rear nude scenes. There's frontal nudity from his co-star James Purefoy and a few naked extras. Edward Dalmas shows rear and frontal nudity. Recurring actors Will Yun Lee and Byron Mann got multiple shirtless scenes in their roles as previous incarnations of Kovacs.

Episode 1x1 - Joel Kinnaman

Episode 1x1 - Byron Mann

Episode 1x2 - Joel Kinnaman

Episode 1x2 - James Purefoy

Episode 1x2 - Naked Extra

Episode 1x3 - Joel Kinnaman

Episode 1x4 - Joel Kinnaman

Episode 1x4 - Will Yun Lee

Episode 1x5 - Joel Kinnaman

Episode 1x5 - Byron Mann

Episode 1x6 - Byron Mann

Episode 1x7 - Will Yun Lee

Episode 1x10 - Edward Dalmas

Episode 1x10 - Naked Extras


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