Nov 22, 2014

Binge Skin: Devious Maids - Season 2

The second season of Lifetime's juicy drama Devious Maids got an influx of new men joining the show's leading ladies for more twists and turns. Dominic Adams appeared shirtless in several episodes in his role as socialite Evelyn's new bodyguard, who soon finds himself literally guarding her body in the bedroom. Colin Woodell also joined the cast as Ethan Sinclair the son of the new maid in the neighborhood, who harbors some secrets of his own. One secret ends up getting him stabbed, requiring him to be stitched up shirtless. Mark Deklin and Ivan Hernandez both showed some skin as well. Gilles Marini popped up in the season finale as a new love interest for Carmen, as she pursues her music dreams. It's already been announced that he'll be back full-time next season.

Episode 2x1 - Dominic Adams

Episode 2x3 - Dominic Adams

Episode 2x5 - Dominic Adams

Episode 2x5 - Mark Deklin

Episode 2x10 - Colin Woodell

Episode 2x11 - Ivan Hernandez

Episode 2x13 - Gilles Marini


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