Dec 26, 2016

Binge Skin: Travelers - Season 1

The Netflix sci-fi series Travelers tells the story of a group of people from the future who send their consciousnesses back in time, assuming the identities of those in the present with the hope of saving humanity from their grim future. The first season of the series brought shirtless moments from series stars Jared Abrahamson, Eric McCormack and Patrick Gilmore. The first episode also features a shirtless appearance by guest star Marcus Aurelio.

Episode 1x1 - Jared Abrahamson

Episode 1x1 - Marcus Aurelio

Episode 1x2 - Patrick Gilmore

Episode 1x4 - Eric McCormack

Episode 1x7 - Jared Abrahamson

Episode 1x10 - Jared Abrahamson

Episode 1x10 - Eric McCormack

Episode 1x11 - Jared Abrahamson


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