Sep 15, 2015

25 Days of Gays: Longhorns (2011)

Longhorns is a throwback to '80s sex comedies. It centers on Kevin (Jacob Newton), an All-American college boy in Texas who finds his sexual interest leaning towards guys, like his classmate Justin (Kevin Held), who plays a part in his fantasies. Kevin then meets openly gay student, Cesar (Derek Villanueva), causing him to confront his desires and whether he can be open about them. Dylan Vox and Stephen Matzke also star in the film as Kevin's pals, Steve and Danny. The three friends have a reunion weekend that finds them trapped together. Kevin's experimenting rubs off on his friends, causing them to cross a few lines with one another. The film is full of nudity, with all five actors getting full frontal nude scenes.

Jacob Newton

Dylan Vox

Kevin Held

Stephen Matzke

Derek Villanueva


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