Jan 5, 2015

Binge Skin: True Blood - Season 7

The final season of HBO's vampire drama True Blood aired last year and the seventh season's swan song didn't skimp on the male skin, as many of the show's male cast members got out of their clothes for the occasion. Longtime cast members Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgård, Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello all got nude scenes in the final season. New addition Noah Matthews also got a nude scene during one episode as did recurring star Riley Smith. The show also featured several shirtless moments for the actors including Sam Trammell and Jim Parrack. Nelsan Ellis also got a romantic storyline as Bon Temps gay resident Lafayette who found love with vampire, James (played by Nathan Parsons).

Episode 7x1 - Ryan Kwanten

Episode 7x1 - Sam Trammell

Episode 7x1 - Joe Manganiello

Episode 7x2 - Alexander Skarsgard

Episode 7x2 - Ryan Kwanten

Episode 7x2 - Joe Manganiello

Episode 7x3 - Alexander Skarsgard

Episode 7x3 - Joe Manganiello

Episode 7x3 - Sam Trammell

Episode 7x4 - Sam Trammell

Episode 7x5 - Ryan Kwanten

Episode 7x5 - Stephen Moyer

Episode 7x5 - Alexander Skarsgard

Episode 7x5 - Nelsan Ellis & Nathan Parsons

Episode 7x6 - Noah Matthews

Episode 7x6 - Stephen Moyer

Episode 7x6 - Ryan Kwanten

 Episode 7x7 - Riley Smith

Episode 7x7 - Noah Matthews

Episode 7x7 - Ryan Kwanten

Episode 7x7 - Stephen Moyer

Episode 7x8 - Noah Matthews

Episode 7x8 - Stephen Moyer

Episode 7x9 - Jim Parrack


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