Apr 1, 2018

Binge Skin: Famous in Love - Season 1

The Freeform drama Famous in Love returns this week for its second season, making it the perfect time to revisit Season 1 of the series in anticipation of more skin from the show's three male leads. The series centers on college student Paige who gets her big break in a movie which leaves her navigating the tabloid scene, Hollywood scandals and dangerous mysteries going on around her. She's also placed squarely in the middle of a love triangle involving her co-star Rainer (played by Carter Jenkins) and her roommate Jake (played by Charlie DePew). Both actors got several shirtless scenes throughout the season, along with their co-star Keith Powers who played Jordan, Rainer's best friend who was secretly sleeping with his mother.

Episode 1x1 - Carter Jenkins

Episode 1x1 - Charlie DePew

Episode 1x2 - Keith Powers

Episode 1x3 - Charlie DePew

Episode 1x3 - Carter Jenkins

Episode 1x5 - Charlie DePew

Episode 1x5 - Carter Jenkins

Episode 1x5 - Keith Powers

Episode 1x6 - Charlie DePew

Episode 1x6 - Carter Jenkins

Episode 1x7 - Charlie DePew

Episode 1x7 - Keith Powers

Episode 1x7 - Carter Jenkins

Episode 1x8 - Keith Powers


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