Dec 17, 2014

Binge Skin: Marco Polo - Season 1

Netflix's latest original series, Marco Polo was released December 12th. The series stars Lorenzo Richelmy as the title character, who finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of Kublai Khan's court in 13th century China. Lorenzo appears shirtless in half of the show's 10 episodes and gets a rear nude scene in Episode 5, along with some naked extras. His co-star, Remy Hii, gets a shirtless scene during Episode 9, in his role as Kublai Khan's son, Prince Jingim.

Lorenzo Richelmy - Episode 1x1

Lorenzo Richelmy - Episode 1x3

Lorenzo Richelmy - Episode 1x4

Lorenzo Richelmy - Episode 1x5

Naked Extras - Episode 1x5

Lorenzo Richelmy - Episode 1x8

Remy Hii - Episode 1x9


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