Jan 8, 2017

Binge Skin: Good Girls Revolt - Season 1

The Amazon series Good Girls Revolt follows the lives of a group of young women and their male co-workers inside a 1960s news magazine. In addition to the historical aspects of the series and its exploration of women in a pivotal workplace, the series also provided peeks into their personal lives, leading to several skin scenes for the male cast. Leading man Hunter Parrish got shirtless scenes in multiple episodes while his co-star Chris Diamantopoulos got rear nude scenes in two episodes. There was also rear nudity from recurring actors Andy Kelso, Daniel Eric Gold & Michael Graziadei. Recurring actors Teddy Bergman & Daniel DiTomasso showed off their chests. There was even some frontal nudity by some background extras during the fifth episode.

Episode 1x1 - Hunter Parrish

Episode 1x3 - Daniel DiTomasso

Episode 1x4 - Chris Diamantopoulos

Episode 1x5 - naked extras

Episode 1x7 - Chris Diamantopoulos & Michael Graziadei

Episode 1x7 - Andy Kelso

Episode 1x7 - Hunter Parrish

Episode 1x7 - Teddy Bergman

Episode 1x8 - Hunter Parrish

Episode 1x10 - Chris Diamantopoulos

Episode 1x10 - Daniel Eric Gold


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