Oct 25, 2014

Binge Skin: The Strain - Season 1

The horror thriller The Strain wrapped up its first season at the beginning of October. With the blog's horror hunk month in progress, it's the perfect time to look back at the male skin from the series. Series star Corey Stoll gets a shirtless scene in the very first episode, which also features Jack Kesy in a brief rear nude scene. The episode also includes a naked extra. Series regular Miguel Gómez got several shirtless scenes during the season. Guest star, Cody Ray Thompson is shackled in his underwear in Episode 6.

Episode 1x1 - Corey Stoll

Episode 1x1 - Jack Kesy

Episode 1x1 - naked extra

Episode 1x2 - Jack Kesy

Episode 1x3 - Jack Kesy

Episode 1x4 - Miguel Gómez

Episode 1x6 - Miguel Gómez


Episode 1x6 - Cody Ray Thompson

Episode 1x7 - Miguel Gómez


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