Jan 3, 2015

Giacomo Gianniotti on Selfie (2014)

The short-lived ABC comedy Selfie recently came to an end. The show featured Giacomo Gianniotti as Freddy, the love interest of the show's main character, Eliza Dooley. Giacomo appeared in ten episodes of the show's run and handled the heavy lifting when it came to skin scenes, as he was featured in several shirtless scenes over the course of the series. While Eliza was committed to her romance with the heartthrob Freddy, she also carried a torch for the marketing expert (played by John Cho) that she looked to in order to revamp her online image.

GGselfie102 1

GGselfie102 2

GGselfie102 3

GGselfie102 4

GGselfie102 5

GGselfie102 6

GGselfie102 7

GGselfie102 8

GGselfie102 9

GGselfie108 1

GGselfie108 2

GGselfie108 3

GGselfie108 4

GGselfie108 5

GGselfie108 6

GGselfie108 7

GGselfie108 8

GGselfie108 9

GGselfie108 10

GGselfie108 11

GGselfie108 12

GGselfie108 13

GGselfie109 1

GGselfie110 1

GGselfie110 2

GGselfie110 3

GGselfie110 4

GGselfie110 5

GGselfie110 6

GGselfie111 1

GGselfie111 2

GGselfie111 3

GGselfie111 4

GGselfie111 5

GGselfie113 1

GGselfie113 2

GGselfie113 3

GGselfie113 4

GGselfie113 5

GGselfie113 6

GGselfie113 7

GGselfie113 8

GGselfie113 9

GGselfie113 10

GGselfie113 12

GGselfie113 13

GGselfie113 14

GGselfie113 15


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