Feb 26, 2018

Binge Skin: The Deuce - Season 1

The HBO drama The Deuce tells the story of a group of New Yorkers whose lives are impacted by a sexual revolution with the rise of pornography and rampant prostitution in the 1970s. Given the plot, it's no surprise that the first season featured lots of male skin. Leading man James Franco showed rear nudity in the very first episode. His co-star Gary Carr also showed rear nudity on the series, while their co-stars Chris Coy and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. got shirtless scenes. There was also rear and frontal nudity from guest stars John Paul Harkins, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Colin Moss, Jarrod GoolsbyJake Hart and some naked extras. Will Chase and Michael Joseph Murray showed rear nudity. Guest stars James Waterston, Johnny Sibilly, and Eric Reid Schroeder showed some hints of nudity in their brief roles in sex scenes. There was also some erect frontals, likely prosthetics, in Episode 1 for guest star Russell Posner and Episode 5 for Chris Coy. Guest stars, Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Sean Meehan, and Eduardo Ramos also showed off their chests as part of the series' gay storylines centered around Chris Coy's character. 

Episode 1x1 - James Franco

Episode 1x1 - James Waterston

Episode 1x1 - Jake Hart

Episode 1x1 - Russell Posner

Episode 1x2 - Gary Carr

Episode 1x2 - Jarrod Goolsby (left) and naked extra

Episode 1x3 - Johnny Sibilly

Episode 1x4 - Chris Coy

Episode 1x4 - Eric Reid Schroeder

Episode 1x5 - Michael Joseph Murray

Episode 1x5 - Will Chase


Episode 1x5 - Chris Coy

Episode 1x5 - Sean Meehan, Chris Coy & Eduardo Ramos

Episode 1x6 - John Paul Harkins

Episode 1x6 - Cameron Cowperthwaite 

Episode 1x6 - James Franco

Episode 1x7 - Chris Coy & Aaron Dean Eisenberg

Episode 1x7 - James Franco

Episode 1x7 - Colin Moss


Episode 1x7 - John Paul Harkins

Episode 1x8 - John Paul Harkins

Episode 1x8 - Naked Extra

Episode 1x8 - James Franco

Episode 1x6 - Lawrence Gilliard Jr


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