Sep 5, 2015

Binge Skin: The Night Shift - Season 2

All caught up on the second season of the NBC medical drama, The Night Shift. The series centers on a group of medical professionals, led by a few Army docs, and the dangerous cases they encounter while assigned to the night shift. Eoin Macken leads the cast and, like Season 1, gets out of his shirt to show off his gorgeous chest in Episodes 7 and 8. His co-star JR Lemon joins him with some shirtless moments in Episode 8 that quickly turn into a partial nude scene as his clothes are held hostage by his colleagues. Adam Rodriguez joined the cast for 6 episodes as a surgical doctor. He got a shirtless scene in Episode 6, as he did some yoga to a captive audience. Brendan Fehr didn't get an opportunity to ditch his shirt as gay doc Drew Alister but viewers did get some romantic moments between Drew and his boyfriend Rick (played by Luke Macfarlane). The show has already been renewed for a third season.

Episode 2x6 - Adam Rodriguez
ARnshift206 1

ARnshift206 2

ARnshift206 3

ARnshift206 4

ARnshift206 5

ARnshift206 6

ARnshift206 7

ARnshift206 8

Episode 2x7 - Eoin Macken
EOnshift207 1

EOnshift207 2

EOnshift207 3

EOnshift207 4

EOnshift207 5

EOnshift207 6

EOnshift207 7

EOnshift207 8

EOnshift207 9

EOnshift207 10

EOnshift207 11

EOnshift207 12

EOnshift207 13

EOnshift207 14

EOnshift207 15

EOnshift207 16

EOnshift207 17

Episode 2x8 - Eoin Macken
EOnshift208 1

EOnshift208 2

EOnshift208 3

EOnshift208 4

EOnshift208 5

EOnshift208 6

EOnshift208 7

Episode 2x8 - JR Lemon
JRLnshift208 1

JRLnshift208 2

JRLnshift208 3

JRLnshift208 4

JRLnshift208 5

JRLnshift208 6

JRLnshift208 7

JRLnshift208 8

JRLnshift208 9

JRLnshift208 10

JRLnshift208 11

JRLnshift208 12

JRLnshift208 13

JRLnshift208 14

JRLnshift208 15

JRLnshift208 16

JRLnshift208 17

JRLnshift208 18

JRLnshift208 19

Brendan Fehr & Luke Macfarlane
BFLMnshift210 1

BFLMnshift210 2

BFLMnshift210 3

BFLMnshift213 1

BFLMnshift213 2

BFLMnshift214 1

BFLMnshift214 2


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