Jun 4, 2016

Binge Skin: Slasher - Season 1

Slasher was the first scripted television series developed for the Chiller network. The series centered on Sarah Bennett, a young woman who returns to her hometown years after her parents were brutally murdered. Her arrival appears to set off a string of murders connected to her past. In addition to the horrors, the show also featured several skin scenes for its male cast, including leading men Brandon Jay McLaren in his role as Sarah's reporter husband, Steve Byers as Sarah's childhood friend/current police deputy, and Dean McDermott in his role as the police chief. Recurring actor Mark Ghanimé played one-half of the show's gay couple with Christopher Jacot. Guest stars David Patrick Fleming, Vaugahn Blakley and Deven Stillar also got shirtless scenes.

Episode 1x1 - Brandon Jay McLaren

Episode 1x1 - Mark Ghanimé and Christopher Jacot

Episode 1x1 - Vaugahn Blakley

Episode 1x2 - Deven Stillar

Episode 1x2 - Mark Ghanimé and Christopher Jacot

Episode 1x5 - Dean McDermott

Episode 1x7 - David Patrick Fleming

Episode 1x8 - Steve Byers


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