Jul 25, 2014

Binge Skin: Hemlock Grove - Season 2

All caught up on Season 2 of Hemlock Grove, and the skin continued after Episode 1, which was previously posted here on the blog. Landon Liboiron went shirtless in four later episodes, including rear nudity in the tenth and final episode of the season, and got a brief bed scene with co-star Bill Skarsgård after an off-screen threesome. Bill also shed his shirt in a couple of episodes. Series regular Dougray Scott also got in on the romantic action with a bedroom scene of his own. Guest stars Craig Henderson and Kyle Mac also appeared out of their clothes for a lengthy torture scene, which featured both actors naked.

Landon Liboiron - Episode 2x3

Dougray Scott - Episode 2x3

Craig Henderson & Kyle Mac - Episode 2x4

Bill Skarsgård - Episode 2x5

Bill Skarsgård - Episode 2x6

Landon Liboiron & Bill Skarsgård - Episode 2x7

Landon Liboiron - Episode 2x8

Landon Liboiron - Episode 2x9

Landon Liboiron - Episode 2x10


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