Jul 26, 2014

Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Stellan Skarsgård, Jonas Baeck, David Halina, Christian Gade Bjerrum, Christoph Schechinger, Kookie Ryan, Papou & Conny Dachs in Nymphomaniac: Volumes 1 & 2 (2013)

Lars von Trier's sex-filled film Nymphomaniac, presented in two volumes, chronicles the life of a female nymphomaniac who finds herself battered in an alleyway after a life filled with bad choices. The film is not shy about nudity and in many cases is graphic with full frontal male nudity. Brief flashes of full frontal nudity come from Shia LaBeouf (the erect shots are a confirmed body double) and Stellan Skarsgård. Christian Slater gets a rear nude scene. Frontals are also present from ators Jonas Baeck, Christian Gade Bjerrum, porn star Kookie Ryan and his scene co-star Papou. Actor Conny Dachs also shows his rear, as he gets whipped in a scene. Actors David Halina and Christoph Schechinger are shirtless during their scenes.

Shia LeBeouf

Christian Slater

Jonas Baeck

Kookie Ryan (left) and Papou (right)

David Halina

Christian Gade Bjerrum

Christoph Schechinger

Conny Dachs

Stellan Skarsgård


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