Dec 24, 2015

Binge Skin: Hunting Season - Season 2

Hunting Season is romantic comedy series centering on Alex (played by Ben Baur), a gay writer who finds himself exploring life, relationships and sex in New York City, along with his friends. Season 2 of the series premiered earlier this year and the four-episode season was filled with male skin and nudity. In addition to Ben's frequent skin scenes, his co-stars Marc Sinoway, Jake Manabat and Yuval Boim also strip down. Ben and Marc each get rear nude scenes. There's also rear nudity from guests stars Nic Cory, Pressly Coker, David Garelik and Ken Barnett. The series also features several frontal nude scenes thanks to guest stars Blaine Pennington, Tyler French, Ronald Lopez, Michael Sirow, Hunter Hoffman and Tayte Hanson.

Episode 2x1 - Ben Baur

Episode 2x1 - Tayte Hanson

Episode 2x1 - Hunter Hoffman

Episode 2x1 - Marc Sinoway

Episode 2x1 - Yuval Boim, Nic Cory & Jake Manabat

Episode 2x2 - Ben Baur

Episode 2x2 - Marc Sinoway

Episode 2x2 - Hunter Hoffman

Episode 2x2 - Nic Cory

Episode 2x2 - Jake Manabat

Episode 2x2 - David Garelik

Episode 2x2 -Michael Sirow

Episode 2x3 - Pressly Coker

Episode 2x3 - Ronald Lopez

Episode 2x3 - Ben Baur

Episode 2x3 - Tyler French

Episode 2x3 - Marc Sinoway

Episode 2x3 - Blaine Pennington

Episode 2x3 - Ken Barnett

Episode 2x4 - Ben Baur

Episode 2x4 - Jake Manabat & Yuval Boim

Episode 2x4 - David Garelik

Episode 2x4 - Hunter Hoffman & Marc Sinoway


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