Mar 10, 2018

Binge Skin: The Oath - Season 1

The Oath is a new streaming crime drama on Crackle. The series centers on a brewing war between the FBI and a gang of cops, with corruption clouding both sides. The ensemble cast includes leading men Ryan Kwanten, Joseph Julian Soria and Arlen Escarpeta. All three of the actors got shirtless scenes during the first season. Recurring actor Michael Malarkey showed a bit of skin in Episode 8. Guest star Kane Schirmer is interrupted during a sex scene in Episode 3, though he is only shirtless for the scene.

Episode 1x3 - Ryan Kwanten

Episode 1x3 - Kane Schirmer

Episode 1x4 - Arlen Escarpeta

Episode 1x7 - Joseph Julian Soria

Episode 1x8 - Michael Malarkey


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