Apr 20, 2016

Binge Skin: The Girlfriend Experience - Season 1

The new Starz series The Girlfriend Experience centers on Christine, a law student who gets drawn into the world of transactional relationships. While balancing her legal internship, she begins offering herself as an exclusive girlfriend experience. Given the plot, the series features frequent sex scenes, offering skin from a host of men, as their characters get involved with Christine's business. Series star Paul Sparks also gets in on the action, as Christine's boss who soon becomes a client of hers as well. The show features brief rear nudity from guest stars Oscar Hsu, James Gilbert, Brock Cuchna, and Shaun Benson. There's also shirtless scenes for Kevin Claydon, Trevor Hayes, and Maxwell McCabe-Lokos.

Episode 1x1 - Kevin Claydon

Episode 1x2 - Shaun Benson

Episode 1x3 - Oscar Hsu

Episode 1x4 - Oscar Hsu

Episode 1x4 - Paul Sparks

Episode 1x5 - Paul Sparks

Episode 1x6 - James Gilbert

Episode 1x10 - Trevor Hayes

Episode 1x11 - Paul Sparks

Episode 1x12 - Paul Sparks

Episode 1x13 - Brock Cuchna

Episode 1x13 - Maxwell McCabe-Lokos


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