Dec 24, 2016

Binge Skin: From Dusk Till Dawn - Season 3

Season 3 of the supernatural series From Dusk Till Dawn aired earlier this year. As with the first two seasons, the series took time to feature some male skin in addition to the action. While leading man D.J. Cotrona didn't get a shirtless scene at all this season, he did get to show off his muscles in a tank top. His on-screen brother Zane Holtz, however, got a very revealing scene of partial nudity after his character's clothes were burned off in Episode 6. Their co-star Jesse Garcia appeared shirtless, along with guest star Ruben Rivera. There were extended shirtless scenes from Marko Zaror as well, in his recurring role as a warrior threat the men encountered with a penchant for showing off his great chest.

Episode 3x2 - Ruben Rivera

Episode 3x2 - DJ Cotrona

Episode 3x4 - Marko Jaror

Episode 3x5 - DJ Cotrona

Episode 3x6 - Zane Holtz

Episode 3x6 - Jesse Garcia

Episode 3x7 - Brandon Soo Hoo

Episode 3x9 - Marko Zaror


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