Jan 29, 2016

Binge Skin: Satisfaction - Season 2

The USA Network's racy sex-driven drama Satisfaction ramped up the skin for Season 2. Throughout the season's ten-episode run, there was lots of sex and male skin. Series stars Matt Passmore and Blair Redford both stripped down, with Matt getting a rear nude scene, while Blair showed off his butt twice. There was also rear nudity from guest star Daniel Bonjour. In addition to the nudity, there were shirtless appearances from all three men, along with guest stars Brandon P. Bell and Aiden Turner. While the show's future remains up in the air, here's hoping that another season is commissioned and delivers on more great skin scenes.

Episode 2x1 - Matt Passmore

Episode 2x2 - Blair Redford

Episode 2x2 - Brandon Bell

Episode 2x2 - Matt Passmore

Episode 2x3 - Matt Passmore & Blair Redford

Episode 2x4 - Blair Redford

Episode 2x5 - Matt Passmore

Episode 2x5 - Blair Redford

Episode 2x6 - Matt Passmore

Episode 2x7 - Daniel Bonjour

Episode 2x7 - Matt Passmore

Episode 2x7 - Blair Redford

Episode 2x10 - Blair Redford

Episode 2x10 - Aiden Turner


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