Feb 8, 2018

Markian Tarasiuk on The Magicians (2018)

The third season of the Syfy fantasy drama The Magicians has found the main characters looking to collect mysterious keys in their quest to bring back their magic. Episode 5 featured a shirtless scene for guest star Markian Tarasiuk who played Micah, a prince whom Margo finds herself forced to marry. She's against the idea completely, until she meets Micah and sees how gorgeous he is. She spies him shirtless during one scene. Their plans for marriage come to an abrupt end, though, as Micah is killed during the ceremony. The quest for the keys continued with Margo's pals Quentin (played by Jason Ralph) and Eliot (played by Hale Appleman), who went on a time-bending journey that saw them trying to solve a puzzle, as years passed around them. Being isolated together led to the rekindling of a previous flame between the best friends and a kiss.

Markian Tarasiuk

Jason Ralph and Hale Appleman


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