Nov 25, 2017

Binge Skin: Future Man - Season 1

The Hulu sci-fi comedy Future Man centered on Josh (played by Josh Hutcherson), a janitor whose gaming skills lead him to be recruited by two mysterious warriors to travel through time and prevent the end of humanity. Josh shows skin cross-dressing in Episode 9 and for a naked fight against himself in Episode 12. His co-star Derek Wilson shows skin in Episodes 4, 9 and 11. There's also shirtless scenes for guest stars Kevin Caliber & Parker Young in Episode 9. Kevin shows more skin in Episode 11. Guest star Keedar Whittle shows off his chest in Episode 9, playing the love interest of Josh's boss Elias, who is the target behind his time travel adventures.

Episode 1x4 - Derek Wilson

Episode 1x9 - Derek Wilson

Episode 1x9 - Kevin Caliber

Episode 1x9 - Josh Hutcherson

Episode 1x9 - Parker Young

Episode 1x9 - Keedar Whittle

Episode 1x11 - Kevin Caliber

Episode 1x11 - Derek Wilson

Episode 1x12 - Josh Hutcherson


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