Dec 10, 2016

Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Barnes & naked extras on Westworld (2016)

The HBO drama Westworld brought its first season to an end this week. Season 1 didn't end before getting another male cast member naked. Rodrigo Santoro got his second rear nude scene on the series during the tenth episode. A sequence early in the episode has Rodrigo's host becoming a victim of the sexual proclivities of a sleazy scientist who is aroused by his naked body. Things don't end well for the scientist and Rodrigo remains naked for the scene of comeuppance. There's also partial nudity from his co-star Ben Barnes, who rides naked on a horse, providing some brief glimpses of his pubic hair. There is also frontal and rear nudity from various extras in the episode's climax.

Rodrigo Santoro

Ben Barnes

Naked extras


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