Jun 12, 2016

Michael B. Jordan in Creed (2015)

The critically-acclaimed film Creed featured Sylvester Stallone's iconic boxer Rocky Balboa taking on the role of trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of Rocky's former rival and late friend, Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan took on the role of Adonis and proved the name correct with multiple shirtless scenes in the film, showing off his fantastic chest throughout. Michael was back in the movie spotlight this week with the news of him joining Marvel's Black Panther film set for release in 2018. It will be Michael's third film with Creed director Ryan Coogler.

MJcreed 1

MJcreed 2

MJcreed 3

MJcreed 4

MJcreed 5

MJcreed 6

MJcreed 7

MJcreed 8

MJcreed 9

MJcreed 10

MJcreed 11

MJcreed 13

MJcreed 14

MJcreed 15

MJcreed 16

MJcreed 17

MJcreed 18

MJcreed 19

MJcreed 20

MJcreed 21

MJcreed 22

MJcreed 23

MJcreed 24

MJcreed 25

MJcreed 26

MJcreed 27

MJcreed 28

MJcreed 29

MJcreed 30

MJcreed 31

MJcreed 32

MJcreed 33

MJcreed 34

MJcreed 35

MJcreed 36

MJcreed 37

MJcreed 38

MJcreed 39

MJcreed 40

MJcreed 41


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