Jun 11, 2018

Jack Kesy, Aaron Nedrick, Jimmy Jean-Louis & Luke Hawx on Claws (2018)

The TNT drama Claws is back for its second season. Episode 1 featured several male skin scenes. Leading man Jack Kesy showed off his chest in an open shirt for several scenes, before ultimately having one of those shirts forcibly stripped off for his character's impromptu wedding. His co-star Jimmy Jean-Louis showed some side nudity for a post-sex bed scene. Aaron Nedrick made his debut in the recurring role of Jeff, a dancer at Uncle Daddy's re-branded strip club which will now feature an all-male revue. Aaron took front and center, dancing in skimpy undies. There was also brief shirtlessness from Luke Hawx as a wrestler entertaining Uncle Daddy in an oil and glitter pool.

Jack Kesy

Aaron Nedrick

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Luke Hawx


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