Jun 8, 2018

Chris Walley & Alex Murphy on The Young Offenders (2018)

The Irish comedy series The Young Offenders follows the misadventures of teen delinquents Conor (played by Alex Murphy) and Jock (played by Chris Walley). The first season of the series featured several skin scenes for the actors. Episode 5 even included some minor nudity as it's revealed that Conor and Jock both sleep naked. While only Chris' butt is visible for that scene, both actors showed rear nudity for the season finale. Episode 6 found the boys accidentally causing their bus to be hijacked by a friendly criminal. He stops the bus to allow a bathroom break for everyone. Unlike the other hostages, Conor & Jock urinate with their pants pulled down completely, briefly showing their butts.

Episode 1x5 - Alex Murphy (left) and Chris Walley (right)

Episode 1x6 - Alex Murphy (left) and Chris Walley (right)


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