Jun 11, 2018

Ben Barnes, Zahn McClarnon, Booboo Stewart & naked extras on Westworld (2018)

Ben Barnes showed more skin during Episode 8 of the HBO drama Westworld's second season. The episode featured a flashback filling in what happened to his character, Logan, after he was sent off on a horse, bound and naked back in Episode 10 of Season 1. His severely sunburned body was seen here, leading to more side nudity. There are several naked male extras showing rear and frontal nudity as hosts who appear in storage late in the episode. A shirtless Booboo Stewart is also among them, but shows very little skin. Cast member Zahn McClarnon gets to show off his chest during the episode as well, as his host character takes center stage.

Ben Barnes

Zahn McClarnon

Booboo Stewart

Naked Extras


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