Feb 10, 2018

Billy Magnussen & O'Shea Jackson Jr. in Ingrid Goes West (2017)

The dark comedy Ingrid Goes West is the twisted tale of former mental patient Ingrid (played by Aubrey Plaza) who becomes obsessed with social media star Taylor Sloane. Ingrid goes out of her way to integrate herself into Taylor's life, but she finds a foe in Taylor's brother Nicky (played by Billy Magnussen). Billy gets a lengthy shirtless scene late in the movie as Nicky confronts Ingrid in some skimpy swim trunks. Billy also got a brief rear nude scene which, unfortunately, was relegated to the film's deleted scenes. Billy is no stranger to nudity thanks to his roles in Happy Tears and the previously-featured Twelve. O'Shea Jackson Jr. is also briefly shirtless in his role as Dan, Ingrid's landlord who gets drawn into her schemes.

Billy Magnussen

Deleted Scene

O'Shea Jackson Jr


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