Jan 8, 2018

Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan & Ethan Cutkosky on Shameless (2018)

This week's new episode of Shameless got the Gallagher boys shirtless. Episode 9 of the eighth season revolved around relationships for the trio. Lip (played by Jeremy Allen White) continued his casual sex with his co-worker Eddie. He was shirtless for their sex scene early in the episode. Later, Lip fell into bed with his ex-girlfriend Sierra, leading to more shirtlessness. His on-screen brother Cameron Monaghan also ditched his shirt for romance. His character, Ian, fully rekindled his romance with Trevor (played by Elliot Fletcher). The two got steamy, leading his shirt to come off. Meanwhile, Ethan Cutkosky got a shower scene during the episode, as his character Carl interacted with his needy girlfriend Kassidi.

Jeremy Allen White

Cameron Monaghan and Elliot Fletcher

Ethan Cutkosky


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