Jul 16, 2017

Carter Hudson, Juan Javier Cardenas & naked extra on Snowfall (2017)

Episode 2 of the new drug-themed FX Network drama Snowfall once again featured male nudity from leading man Carter Hudson. His character, Teddy, heads into a tense meeting with drug lord Avi (played by Alon Aboutboul) along with his new partner Alejandro (played by Juan Javier Cardenas). Avi gets paranoid over Teddy's sudden willingness to meet in person and pulls a gun, demanding that he strip to prove that he's not wired. To get things moving along faster, Avi demands that everyone present strip down as well, including Alejandro and Avi's various henchmen. Carter pulls his underwear down briefly before the group is interrupted by one of Avi's ailing henchmen. There's rear nudity in the scene from another of the unnamed henchmen as they run to the aide of their comrade.

Episode 1x2 - Carter Hudson

Episode 1x2 - Juan Javier Cardenas

Episode 1x2 - Alon Aboutboul & extras


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