May 18, 2017

25 Days of Gays: Redwoods (2009)

Redwoods is a gay themed film from writer/director David Lewis (Longhorns, Rock Haven). It centers on Everett (played by Brendan Bailey), an unhappy man in an unfulfilling relationship. Sparks ignite, however, when he befriends Chase (played by Matthew Montgomery), a struggling writer who seeks inspiration from redwoods country. Brendan gets a few shirtless scenes while Matthew shows rear nudity. There's frontal nudity in the film from their co-stars Tad Coughenour, who portrays Everett's partner Miles, and Simon Burzynski in his role as Everett's brother, Shane. Matthew Montgomery was previously featured during 25 Days of Gays for his role in the film Role/Play.

Matthew Montgomery

Brendan Bailey

Tad Coughenour

Simon Burzynski


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