May 2, 2017

25 Days of Gays: Beneath the Skin (2015)

25 Days of Gays is back on the blog, spotlighting the skin from gay cinema throughout the month of May. Beneath the Skin tells the story of UK teen Joshua (played by Aaron Ellis) who is tossed out by his stepfather after the death of his mother, forcing him to move to Canada to be with his father. He encounters more struggles there, crossing paths with young artist Jay (played by Justin Liles). As their romance blossoms, Joshua is welcomed into Jay's circle of close friends, which includes Elijah (played by Jamie Knox) and Sam (played by Wayne Virgo). Their romance is tested by several obstacles including gay bashing and legal woes. There's lots of nudity along the way with Justin and Wayne both getting frontal nude scenes. There's rear nudity from Aaron and Jamie as well. 25 Days of Gays alum Wayne Virgo previously appeared in the gay-themed films Release, Shank and Cal.

Justin Liles

Jamie Knox

Wayne Virgo

Aaron Ellis


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