Jun 9, 2016

Nick Jonas & Jonathan Tucker on Kingdom (2016)

Leading men Nick Jonas and Jonathan Tucker may have stayed clothed for the eleventh episode of Kingdom's second season last week, but this week it was a different story for both actors. Jonathan got a shirtless scene early in the episode, as his character was introduced to the woman who will no doubt become his new love interest. Nick took things even further as his character, Nate, was pulled into a threesome after being drugged. His uncredited male and female partners take control of the situation, leading to a sex sequence. While he has a near-nude moment during the sequence, Nick and his male co-star, Jared North, are only seen from the waist up for the majority of the scene. Nick is also briefly shirtless when Nate is awakened the next morning.

Nick Jonas
NJking212 1

NJking212 2

NJking212 3

NJking212 4

NJking212 5

NJking212 6

NJking212 7

NJking212 8

NJking212 9

NJking212 10

NJking212 11

NJking212 12

NJking212 13

NJking212 14

NJking212 15

NJking212 16

NJking212 17

NJking212 18

NJking212 19

NJking212 20

NJking212 21

Jonathan Tucker
JTking212 1

JTking212 2

JTking212 3

JTking212 4

JTking212 5

JTking212 6

JTking212 7

JTking212 8

JTking212 9

JTking212 10


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